DIY Pine Cone Flower Crown

Pine cones aren't just for fall anymore! Here is a fun way to use those old scented pine cones from christmas and create something uniquely spring!
I have seen flower crowns done in so many ways... it leaves you thinking can there be another way to make one? That was a challenge for myself and the inspiration was an old folk craft book that had a project for kids where they painted pine cones. Then walla... out came this diy project that I really enjoyed! 
 Supplies needed: Paint, scissors, paint brush, pine cones, wire cutters, floral wire (covered in raffia), glue gun
 Pick a variety of different sized pinecones and slice them in half. For bigger thicker pin cones you may want to use a hand saw to get the job done but wire cutters work fine too.
 Once you have cut your pine cones lay them out and see which sides look best. Use the wire cutters to trim and shaped the top parts of the cone.
Have fun painting your pine cones. Use several colors on each cone.
 Use your floral wire to create a ring that will be slightly smaller than your head. Twist around several layers of wire to create a nice base for pine cones to be glued on.
 Spread the wire to form wider bases for where you want your pine cones to lay.
 Use the hot glue gun to attach each pine cone flower to the halo.
 Don't think you would ever use a flower crown? Use this idea of making pine cone flowers for a spring wreath, magnets, brooch, or glue them to a board to mark a folksy piece of art!!
 I also glued in some spiral twigs and painted tiny pine cones green to make leaves.

Do you like?? What would you use the pine cone flowers for?

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  1. Replies
    1. thanks Manda :) this one took a bit of time to make!

  2. Awesome! I have tons of pine cones under my evergreens. I hated the thought of throwing them away. If you ever need any just let me know!!

  3. Wow I'm so impressed! It looks beautiful! Well done :)

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh! This is so so so beautiful! I wish I were brave enough to wear something like this every day! Cause it's gorgeous. May just have to make a wreath though! Super cute and crafty!

    Thanks for the lovely tut Courtney!

  5. Amazing!! I have always wanted one!


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