Post Art Exchange

This page is for all of you who are participating in the POST ART EXCHANGE.

You can use this page to ask questions, leave suggestions for future exchanges... really anything that has to do with The Post Art Exchange.

Also I would like all of you to drop a link below to your blog. I have had a few people who wanted to find out more about who is participating! You can also link a shop or facebook too! 

I will be adding more to this page as I get the chance... right now I am off to finish my first post card! 

Good News!!! You can now Link up your blog posts below!! So please try it out so I can see if it works!


  1. I am going to try to figure out a way to post those of you who blog about the exchange... but for now I will be dropping links in comments...
    So check it out!

  2. okay I found the page haha :)
    so i received the first postcard! it's really nice! check it out here:

    I will be altering it and then it will be already on its ways to the next person :)
    I think my first one will take a couple more days to arrive, don't know how fast the post service is working, but it should arrive soon...


  3. Here my blog (first post in half a year, scary feeling but also quite nice!)
    Can't tell you enough how I am looking forward to the next card i receive :)


    1. Thats great!!! I am happy that it is a inspiration and reason to blog!!

  4. I never received an ending piece of art to keep. I'm not sure what happened with the person who was mailing them to me, but I hope that everything is ok with her. It was so much fun to be a part of, I'm glad that I could contribute. Thanks for making it happen!

  5. I wish that I had photographed them in the process, there were so many wonderful pieces!

  6. Hey Courtney, do you have more info about the exchange? I haven't received anything in months

    1. I am emailing everyone tonight. We either had someone who didn't send anything forward or somehow the mail got stuck... I don't have a single piece and haven't received any in months either! I will get on top of it! Hopefully it is something that can be fixed!


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