What about YOU?!

Here is your chance to introduce yourself to me if your a new reader or been around and haven't left any comments. I would like to meet you! So take the time to tell me a little about your life, where your from, what makes you tick, anything you want to tell me I love to listen. I would love to connect with your blog too so don't be shy and share your blog, facebook or shop.


  1. Hello there miss wild child!
    My name is Stefan and I have fallen in great like with you, your blog and all the everything! In fact, I must admit that I copied nearly your whole blog design because it's so wonderful. I'm a new follower/reader, but definitely not a new shop lover. I believe I found your Etsy shop quite a while ago and favorited it instantly! Yes, anywho, here is my blog and shop for you to see. Keep up the amazing work! :D




    1. Lol looks great! New follower to your blog as well! I think we are a lot alike! I have been checking out your shop for some time now and been obsessed... I love the whole look! New blog buds? :)

    2. Haha thanks! I believe you're right, we are quite alike. :) Blog buddies, for sure! *high five!*

  2. Heya! I just stumbled over here from your Etsy shop and thought this page where we can introduce ourselves is a pretty cute idea. So...I'm Tamber, I blog over at http://yellowporchlight.blogspot.com/ and I make art and things in Richmond, Va. Nice to meet you! :)

    1. Nice to meet you too Tamber... I don't know why but I am just now replying to these which is kinda late since I feel like I know you already from the post art exchange and stopping by your blog every now and again. I really want to try to make closer connections though with some of my blog buds that have been here with me this past year! It's a new goal for me even if I think I have 100 other things going on. My blog buds are really my closest connections to me besides my family. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a little bit about yourself!

  3. I just clicked over from your ad on Roots and Feathers and wow, I love your blog! I am definitely a new follower!

    I love that you've included a section for others to introduce themselves! What a great idea - I may have to steal this one!

    I'm Angie, I'm 23 and I live in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen, our kitties Wedge and Mau and our three birds, Jango, Leia and Bastila.

    I'm a gamer, a geek and an artist. I am passionate about fashion, make-up, nature, new age everything, vampirism and magick. I'm a Pagan and a girly-girl, a little bit of a tomboy, a country girl who enjoys a trip into the city; a goth, a hippie and an artsy type... I have so many labels. *wink* I support animal rights, LGBTQ rights and there is a lot I believe in.

    I prefer a night in, playing a game and enjoying a glass of wine or Absinthe with my wife over going out and doing the party thing. I spend a great deal of my time online, working on my little blog, and finding others to follow - like this one!!! I can't cook, but I love trying new foods and yes, that's about me in a nutshell.

  4. This is a great page to have!
    Hello, I'm Esther. I live in London with my husband, I'm 20 and have just started a blog.
    I'm currently trying to figure out how it all works but here s the link www.esther-aw.tumblr.com

    I like that your blog is different to lots do others, a bit more...wild :)

  5. Hi Courtney! My name is Emily. I am 26 and live in Annapolis, Maryland with my wonderful partner Alexander and our two cats. I work as a researcher on human rights and conflict analysis for an NGO in Washington D.C. (which I LOVE), but have only recently started identifying as an artist. I am realizing I have been an artist my whole life, and artists don't have to fit into a neat little box that we learn about at school. It still feels weird to call myself an artist though.

    I am on a deep soul-searching quest to figure out what in life makes me happy, and I am thinking about what I want my future to look like. I have dreams of being a university professor and subsistence farmer for my family. I am trying to figure out how my passion for creating fits into everything.

    My family used to own a boatyard and railway and were artists, boat builders and waterman. I am deeply connected to the place that I live, and our unique culture and history. I feel a deep connection with the earth and nature and my family history. My grandpa passed away in March of 2004. He lived down the street from us at the boatyard, and it was really difficult. I find that I seem to really channel him in a lot of the art that I do, and I think of him often when I work or look for inspiration.

    My etsy shop idea, EmaBee's Art, [emabeesart.etsy.com] is sort of a tribute to him and my family. He used to call me EmaBee because I am always so busy creating things and talking and coming up with new ideas.

    I am so thankful to have found your shop. I remember coming across it and first seeing your terrariums. They are so cool, and then I started looking at your other stuff and you seemed also very connected to nature and the earth and items that have history -- I knew I had to find out more about this awesome woman! So glad to have found your blog.

    Your work really is an inspiration to me and how I think about my own work and vision. You are also inspiring in that you are following your heart and your dreams. You seem to be a person that is not content with the box society gives us to "live" in. You seem to have a real creativity and individuality. I am sure if we lived close by we would be good friends.

    I am so glad that I found this post so that I could introduce myself because I have been reading a lot of your stuff and keep thinking, wow, I wish I could talk to this woman more!

    Anyway, now I have written so much [I'm sorry if I seem weird and overly excited - I wear my heart on my sleeve]. But it is really cool to meet you (via the web). Feel free to check out my stuff too, you will probably identify with some of my writing on my blog [emabeesart.wordpress.com], like "Inspiration on a Nature Bike" and "If I could Keep Walking in the Woods Forever." I am also following you on Facebook [facebook.com/emabeesart] and with my personal page.

    Peace! - Emily

  6. Hey! I am Jessica, a 24 year old who has recently became engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years. I have always had a passion for art, and have thought very deeply of going back to college to become a Art teacher. I work at a Elementary School(Afterschool Daycare) and I am their Arts/Crafts Teacher. I love working with kids and have always loved being around them..At home I paint-alot! I mainly paint for fun-when my family/friends have babies, I paint alot of canvases for their room. Nothing extravagent but personalized things. I have always been told I have an awesome handwriting.(Random I know), but it seems to be paying off in my career :) Anways, I met you and a few others from Run 2 the Wild booth at the Chicken Festival this past year. I bought one of your key necklaces, my sister bought some cute flower earrings and my friend bought the terrarium necklace(Which I love!!) I just signed up for a google+ account, so that I can join in on your give aways and fun art stuff! I want to learn more, because I am so new to this. I would like to create my own blog but not sure how to do that, maybe you can give me some advice! I love your layout and pictures! It's so funny how you can connect with people even if you haven't really met them. I love your etsy store, blog & everything! HAHA. Hope your pregnancy is going well-loved your maternity pictures!!

    1. We have soo much in common. I'm so glad you let me know a little more about you! I love doing festivals because I actually get to meet people just like you and make real in person connections! I have been thinking about doing some helpful blog advice on here but I think I will wait till I get at least 100 followers on google +. The good thing is you got a account which is just the beginning! Blogging is so much fun! Plus you could show me some of the stuff you create which would be awesome! Your are so sweet. This post just made my day... and it's things like that which keep me going! So glad you enjoy this blog! The best thing about blogging is meeting people who are just like you and building real friendships with them. Look forward to see you start a blog and hear more about your future in art teaching!

  7. Hi!! My name is Angela and I am an avid reader of you rblog :) I am absolutely in love with your creative goodies!! haha :) I saw those gemstone rings on your etsy and I am definitely going to get one in the near future (after I decide which one to get since I like all of them...)I was just wondering where you found stones witch such bright and vivid color, I was looking for similar stones a while ago to pun in terrariums and couldn't find any that nice...Anyways thanks for being awesome!

  8. sorry for all the misspellings...my keyboard is not working properly, haha

  9. Hey :)
    I'm actually not even sure how I stumbled across your blog hahah. The first thing I saw was the pictures of your new baby and I fell in love. I love your blog and how creative it is! I just started my blog (literally. I only have 2 posts). I've recently fallen in love with blogs like yours and I decided to give it a try :)



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