We encourage you to shop small this holiday season and if you can shop local. When you shop small with Run 2 the Wild you get an experience and product that is unlike any other one you will get this holiday season. We currently have two people including myself who put together your product by hand to make sure that each one is well crafted and unique to that makers touch. We also take pride in wrapping and including a special note both free of charge to make sure that each gift is as special as the person receiving it. Instead of running around the malls and stores to find a gift that has been mass produced and shipped overseas shop small with us and we will deliver something so special to your door at the same price. We pride ourselves on making memories. Happy Holidays and thank you for your support this holiday season!

Busy busy... after my 3rd year experiencing the realness of christmas rush sometimes I wish I had a real job that allowed me a break. The balance between life and a small business is tough but I can't complain this is what makes me excited about my business. As for the winter collection I am proud that we have several very special well planned pieces that have been slowly rolling into the shop along with a few more tomorrow. Putting a new piece together involves coming up with the idea, investing some cash and then a whole lot of trial and error especially when it comes to wear ability. It looks simple when I roll out a new collection but the behind the scenes are much more complicated. This month and for the past few months I have set higher goals for Run 2 the Wild than I normally do. For me everything must continue to grow or boredom sets in and I am not very good at settling for less.
I am soo happy that tonight I checked my stats and saw that the goal for today's sales was reached and even surpassed. This was a much needed lift of excitement after a early almost meltdown. Why a meltdown? Because I wanted it that bad and it was scary if all my work didn't equal my expectations. Sometimes they don't and sometimes I take that and turn it into more wheel power but it's scary when you don't have the security of knowing that you will get paid for the hours you put in. I can guarantee that I work a lot of overtime without pay but this is my dream. This is what I want. Just wanted to say that. Each and everyone of you who helps supports this dream becomes part of my dream. I am thankful for you! 

here is just a bit of the pictures I have taken for the winter collection...


Howard's Trail

Life for me right now seems so busy. Sometimes it feels like there is no slowing down but in reality there is. One of the hardest things about being a business owner is time management and scheduling. You do the best you can but sometimes things that aren't as important come first and important things come last. This is one of those cases where I realize this and have to run off and do everything I can to change it. In this case a random hike I found on instagram. Strange how that happens but when it does... it feels so good. It is so freeing and so inspiring. I crave these moments and this was one of them. 


Haunted Houses: Exploring abandoned homes of Kentucky

It's funny how you forget about the things you love to do. One of those for me was exploring abandoned homes and taking pictures of them even if no one else cares. I think that's why I love this blog because it's still quiet and kinda private around here. People are too busy living there lives to take the time to see what I am up to or maybe they aren't? I am sure with the cool weather coming in we  all going to be bundling up next to a glass of wine and our tablets reading the latest blogs. At least that's a favorite thing I love to do when it gets cold. Who knows?

I know that I forgot about the aliveness I feel when I search for a abandoned home, the thrill of figuring out how to get to it without someone noticing and then the excitement of carefully navigating the old floor boards to search for the most inspiring decay of human existence. It's the combination of creepy satisfaction and discovering a lost treasure that I love about it. It's beautiful!

Fall Collection Gypsy Dreams 2014

I have been so wrapped up in instagram I forget to blog about the things that are most important to me. It takes a lot to put a collection together every season but it's something I really enjoy. If you read my post A year of Collections you will notice that for this new collection I succeeded in my goal to expand my model selection. I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had in my business thus far and I really loved the idea of collaborating with my local community.

This lovely little lady Jessica Holly has become a good friend of mine even though we have only hung out a handful of times. I met her over the summer at a first friday I was set up at and was shocked that she had actually gone to the same high school as me and was a art class favorite like myself. Strange because I had never met her before but I am so glad I finally did! We took a hike up the pinnacles and chatted all about art and I knew this girl was what I had been searching for. She was the exotic looking brunette open to making beautiful work that I needed for next collection. She hadn't modeled before but I don't consider myself an expert photographer either but it worked out sooo beautifully. I am so in love with the photos from the collection. My finest work yet!

As for the collection I was going for the idea of layering for fall like a gypsy with different materials and textures. Authentic was the word of choice when it came to materials I chose wood, leather, coins, glass, crystals, stones and even 24 kt gold for special one of kind pieces. In fact this collection was full of truly one of kind pieces that couldn't be duplicated exactly. Like I said... I am proud of this collection it is going to take a bit to top it but I am up for the challenge! Winter collection her we come!

Be sure to see what is left of the collection in the shop  here...