The Sweet Summertime Collection 2014 + pshhhh free shipping!

Long time no chat but I am sure you all are staying busy enjoying summer! I'm thoroughly enjoying my new home and gearing up for a fun filled weekend that's long over due! Today I wanted to do a photo dump of The Sweet Summertime Collection that is in the shop now!

I am soo proud of this collection because its filled with unique pieces that range in price for every customers budget. Some of the pieces like the under the sea necklace and the free bird necklace I hold dear to my heart! These are my favorites. However I find myself wearing the crescent moon earrings 24/7 they are just perfect with everything and really stand out without being too much!

I also wanted to post these pics of my beautiful model Nicky who is on vacation... missing her soo much right now. This shoot is a bit sentimental because we have new goals for collections and we are looking at expanding our models as well as working more as a team to achieve unique looks for our collections.

Be sure to check out the shop link above to see the full collection! Also as a secret special for my loyal friends and fans here is a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING!!! Use coupon code JEWELS at checkout to get it! This will only be available for a limited time... ps I am not telling!


It's her birthday and she can cry if she wants to

Right about this time last year I was experiencing contractions which is the one thing I wondered about the whole time I was pregnant. I wondered how bad it would hurt. What if  I thought was a contraction,  wasn't? This face in these pictures explains my experience having Juniper. Mixed emotions... changing and flowing into each other.

Juniper is 1 year old. How amazing is that. I can't begin to explain how crazy it feels to have a 1 year.
Best experience of my life! She is soo smart and soo beautiful. I am so proud of her. 


The INSTA evolution of Juniper's 1st Year

Wow this was a lot of work but I am sure glad that I did it. What an amazing and interesting year for me and my 1st bouncy little girl. Seems like it's just flown by but I remember wondering if some long nights would ever end. This is probably one of the coolest experiences of my life, watching something grow and learn while I was learning a lot to. I am excited to see what happens in the next year but it's nice to look back. Life changes so much with every year so it's good to be thankful for this year and I sure am. I love my beautiful baby girl. 


A Year of Collections!

I am feeling a little nostalgic lately... I blame it on Juniper's 1st birthday being in 7 days! Either way thinking about the past as well as finishing up listing the new Sweet Summertime collection (which finishes it debut today!) made me think about all the collections we have punched out in the past year! Then I realized we have successfully had a collection for each month of the year for a full year and I am sooo proud of the fact that we did it!

It all started in spring of 2013 when I was searching for a new way to be inspired. I was going through a really bad time of being pregnant and feeling like life was at a dead end as well as in a bad situation. I wanted to push myself to create more and also take more pictures plus I wanted to keep my shop fresh even though my life didn't seem that way. So the idea of having a collection for every season was born. I have to say it was frustrating at times and sometimes I wondered if I would be able to accomplish it but guess what I did and I am so happy that I did.

Looking back at these pictures makes me see how much I have grown in the jewelry I make, the pictures I take as well as the styling and the ideas. I feel like I have come such a long way when before I did this it didn't feel like that. I might have been in a sucky situation through most of this but I made it work and I made that sucky situation into a useful one. I didn't lay around and tell myself I couldn't do anything because I didn't have room or I didn't have the right equipment... I just forced myself to do it and make it work.

I am so thankful to have a beautiful sister as a model and business partner. I think that it's neat to see how far we have come as a team. It amazes me that we could translate her to the look and feel that I wanted every season. Hands down I couldn't have done this without her. I love you Nick!

Besides all that I have big dreams for future collections so I feel that it might be a good time to share those with you. The next year's collections I want to fill with some new faces and I want to build a team that will help put these collections onto a whole new level. I also want to scout out some new unique locations and explore new ideas with styling. I also want to look into collecting some reps that will show how diverse my jewelry can be with different styling.

So if your interested in helping out or being a rep shoot me an email run2thewild@gmail.com and thanks to all of you lovely peeps that have supported my business, this blog, and the shop! I love you all!


Thoughts on Being Happy


In the past two years I have had to do a lot of moving backwards when I imagined myself moving forwards. I had to lose things / sacrifice things that comforted me and made me happy.  I had to put all my cherished special things away in storage, things I thought I would miss. I couldn't shop to make myself feel good. I couldn't do a lot of the things that use to make me happy because I no longer had those freedoms to spend and do as I please. I was forced into living simply. I had to downsize majorly and for me that took a lot of stress, aggravation, sadness and hopelessness.

I mean I could have got credit cards and made myself think that life will make itself work but I haven't always been the best at blinding myself to reality. I am the person that makes it clear whats going on in my life... maybe even a bit dramatic at times.

Now that I am back in my own space and unpacking all the forgotten things that I haven't seen in years. I realize I am the most happiest I have ever been. What I thought was the best and happiest moments of my life before losing it all was actually just a imagined happiness. I imagined that stuff and things would make me happy and I made myself believe that. 

In fact I catch myself doing this a lot. Making a plan in my head for happiness. If I do this this and this then life will be good for me and I will be happy. Or if I have this this and this then life will be easier and I will be happy. What I have realized and learned now coming full circle is that I can be happy right now. What I mean is yes I can have goals and dreams and things that make me happy but sometimes I need to check myself. Ask myself am I really happy? Am I enjoying this moment? 

There are those types that live everyday without a care in the world, no goals, no dreams just pure happiness and I always despised that because how do you live life to the fullest when your just living day by day? How do you accomplish anything or make life easy if you don't have goals for yourself. 

It's a delicate balance that everyone has a problem with whether your a overachiever or yolo type. We all have to check ourselves out of our normal for a moment to check in on our happiness because what we think makes us happy may be a false reality. I'm here as that witness.

It took me losing my stuff to see that those things did not make my life any easier or happier like I thought it did. I also realized that shopping although sometimes on a rare occasion can be therapy can actually cause more stress later and even though the habit was hard to break I am glad I did. When I say shopping I mostly mean thrifting. Which can be addicting! 

I discovered that my sincere happiness comes from allowing myself to live in the moment. Cutting off the net, not sharing everything, letting my self just be and not dreaming and scheming about the future. Living simply it's something I'm still working hard at but I thought I share the beginning of my journey doing it alone without any force making me do it.

Since moving I have spent and bought things for myself with the money I have saved these past years but I want to constantly check in on what is making me truly happy. Things like my little girl playing, working on landscaping my yard, loving on my pup, cooking, taking care of myself, and enjoying a kiss from my sweetheart.