Sacred Things

I think it is important to have secrets.
I think that will live in a world today where people think secrets are ways of hiding.
To me secrets are ways we enjoy our time with ourselves.
Secrets are what separate us from being part of everyone else.
Secrets are what make life interesting
Secrets are what make us feel alive.

When I talk about secrets I am not talking about the kind of secrets that could hurt or harm anyone. I am talking about our own secrets our own sacred things that we like to do but we don't want anyone to know about. I think people often feel like a secret is something they should be ashamed of. I think that's wrong because secrets are powerful little moments that allow ourselves to be free. Completely free. I don't think we should consider a secret to be a bad thing. It is a good thing. We shouldn't feel the need to be public and become part of everyone's blur. We need our own little moments that no one knows about, that are just for us.

Don't be ashamed of your secrets
Don't feel like the world demands your secrets be announced so that you can be free.
You are as free as you allow yourself to be.



What I learned from my first cleanse

My three day beginners cleanse is over and I couldn't be more thankful. Honestly. I have dark circle around my eyes to prove it! I am not saying I was perfect and diligent but I can say that I understand it's purpose more than I did before. I would do a cleanse again perhaps push myself longer and be sure to prep well before hand.

1. It's not as easy as it looks. OK maybe I come at things with an I can do anything attitude but this one showed me that I could break easily.
2. I eat when I am not hungry. I was never really really hungry it was just my mind leading me to food. I wasn't in pain.
3. I consume way too much food. Food is a pleasurable ritual and I enjoyed every second of it.
4. Food is either a Medicine or a Drug. Your either addicted to what is not good for your body or you prescribe yourself with what helps your body take care of itself.
5. Sometimes you body needs a shock. Doing this cleanse was a shock to my body. period.
6. Your other senses are stronger than you think. Being around smells, sights or ever the texture of food triggered my stomach to twist but as soon as I got away from it I was fine!
7. We spoil ourselves on a everyday basis without ever knowing it. We have easy access to things that weren't so easily available to A LOT of people around the world and throughout history.
8. We are bombarded with food paraphernalia. I couldn't watch tv, or even go get errands done without seeing 3 billion things that told me I needed food or I am hungry. I never noticed it before like I did while on the cleanse.
9. You tend to rethink life when you deprive yourself from physical food. I see how easily I allow myself to have things which are so easily available and than I make myself take them away.... how thought provoking... that's all I can say.



Hello! Today I wanted to share with you lovelies a giveaway that I am hosting through my instagram @run2thewild for one of my very special heart peace catchers! Each one is special because I use vintage, deadstock trims and crystals along with other special embellishments that make each one completely unique! The price in the shop for one of these customs is $65 and as the price of these hard to find vintage materials goes up so will the price to purchase one of these!

I started making these lovelies almost a year ago when I was pregnant with Juniper and since then have had many requests for them. Before the custom listing I put in the shop I had people message me asking for one and once I told them the price about 1/3 of them said they couldn't afford it. Of course that price can't change and even if I did lower it I wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand or make any money off of it. So that's why I decided to give one away! Depending on how well this giveaway goes depends on if I will ever do it again so we shall see!

Plus the other special thing about these Heart Peacecatchers is that they are an original design by me! You won't find anyone else selling something like this and if so, you know where they got the idea from! The last picture is the first heart peacecatcher I made and pinned to pinterest and I am blown away by the number of repins it has got in less than a year!!! Over 3000!!! How does that even happen?

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The Journey Starts here... my first Cleanse

Hey Guys! I am so excited to share with you something new I am going to try! I have always in the back of my mind wanted to do a cleanse. I drink pop non stop lately because I feel like the caffeine is the only thing that keeps me going throughout the day. I don't drink coffee, I never was the type to force myself into liking something that isn't particularly healthy. To be honest with you I never drink water... I can only stand the taste of it when I am done with a workout.

For the past 2 months I have been going to a workout class called Buti fitness with my sister. Buti fitness is a hardcore yoga mixed with zumba mixed with dirty dancing class just for woman. I really like it because I feel challenged, I pour in sweat and I am noticing muscles I have never had before. I go on a Wednesday and after that I usually have a energy high for 3 days after. It's awesome!

Because I have noticed such a change in my overall outlook on life and my physical body just from pushing myself to do this hardcore workout once a week I figured it would be a great idea to implement or try other natural remedies that would make my body feel even more awesome. I have been a huge advocate of the big smoothie trend, if you have been following my instagram during and after my pregnancy smoothies saved my life when it came to energy. Now I feel a little burnt out on them. I still enjoy them but I am not as excited about making them as I have been in the past so I don't really take the time to do it.

So this leads into my Journey to start a cleanse. I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to try Urban Remedy's Signature Cleanse. Which is a beginners 3 day cleanse. I couldn't be more excited when the large box landed on my doorstep the other morning. I opened it to find the 6 unique juices that I will be having throughout the day... I loved the ingredients I loved the names... example "after party" and "relax". It's exciting but I know it's going to be harder than it looks!

The thing is that 3 days before you begin your cleanse you have to start by eliminating the bad (pop, fast food) and drink 8 glasses of water. You also don't want to do a cleanse during a stressful or chaotic time because you might get grouchy. For example I am headed to see my grandmas grave this weekend in Tennessee so I wont be officially starting the cleanse till Monday.

I am excited to start this journey and to share it with you along the way through my instagram and blogging as well as linking to twitter. I would love if you would follow along and cheer me on as I take this journey and see how my body changes by eliminating toxins. After it's done I may ever have a giveaway for you to try the cleanse depending on if I think it works!

My Goals for this Cleanse
1. to eliminate fast food and pop from my diet
2. to drink more water
3. to eliminate toxins and cleanse my body
4. to complete the cleanse without messing up!
5. to feel a change in my body and overall well being

Have you ever tried a cleanse? I would love to hear about your experience below in the comments.

For those of you who don't know what a cleanse is here are the details Direct for the Urban Remedy website.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a short-term, fresh, raw, all liquid diet intended to cleanse both the mental and physical state. A juice cleanse is often mistakenly referred to as a “juice fast”—an inaccurate and misleading description. A fast implies starvation, which shouldn't ever be the goal. Starving the body is unhealthy and, in fact, has counter-productive effects that include a slowed metabolism.

Instead, a juice cleanse provides plenty of sustenance from wholesome, organic, freshly pressed veggie and fruit juices. The primary physical reason for a juice cleanse is to give the digestive system a break from processing heavy proteins and fat, in addition to filtering the liver, kidneys and gall bladder. The result is clean energy and a full release of toxins. A juice cleanse should leave you energized, balanced and focused. Performing a juice cleanse has also been known to promote improved sleep patterns and curb food cravings.

What is an Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse?

Our juice cleanses not only revitalize the body and mind, but they also repair previous damage with natural, nutritious ingredients. Rich in minerals and active enzymes, each colorful 100% organic certified juice cleanse is rich in the nutrients needed to satisfy cleansing goals with an energizing and delicious program of juices with lower sugar amounts than other brands. Also, our juices are truly delicious, prizing flavor as much as efficacy.

When it comes to a juice cleanse experience, every person’s body detoxifies differently. Depending on factors like diet and metabolism, Urban Remedy has a tailored juice cleanse for everyone. Regardless of a person’s natural proclivity towards detoxification, the point of a juice cleanse is to give the body a break from inflammatory foods like white flour, sugar and alcohol, while allowing the mind to focus on other important elements of life.

Are you ready to try a juice cleanse?



West Coast by Lana Del Rey on Grooveshark

Guess what?! I am flat broke.... and have been for a while. I don't have money to go splurge on some new clothes so you know what I did... I made it work. I have had all these really cute patches for a while so I decided finally to spruce up my jean jacket with them. I have always envied heavily patched up jackets. I remember going to a party and a guy left his jacket in a bedroom and I stood there and stared at it forever.... it was covered in glorious patches! I even thought about snatching it up or maybe finding this guy and seeing if maybe I might be able to convince him to let me wear it because you know... I was cold (wink wink). Neither of those things happened but sometimes just day dreaming about it is just as exciting lol.

Besides that I also don't have the money to buy some fancy blue lipstick cause you know the 90's are back and crazy colored lipstick is now "cool" again. well maybe. Either way I just dug in my old make up pulled out some blue eyeliner, blue eye shadow and vaseline.... bada bing bada boom blue lips and it worked great! I am not the best at lining my lips but that didn't stop me either. A girl has to get her color pop somewhere and I swear I am on the verge of dying my hair some crazy color again. I don't know whats stopping me... I guess the up keep. It's hard to keep a nice color in your hair when you have a trillion other things you are interested in doing. Maybe soon though.

I have to tell you I am on a positive high... still. I really have to say it has to be the hardcore workout buti class I take once a week. I feel good in my body... I have muscles I have never had before and I am accomplishing a lot. Can you tell... I mean I haven't done a wild style post in forever. I didn't realize it but I was so upset with my body image. I just looked sloppy. I get an outfit on look in the mirror and felt so uncomfortable and it always translated in any photos I took or had taken of me. Thank goodness my sister pushed me to try the hardcore class she has been taking forever. It has made a huge difference in life overall. Just saying if your feeling like I felt push yourself to do workout class that pushes your limits, face your fears and do it. Don't half ass it either. Do it till it burns, till you sweat buckets and you feel like your dying then push past all that and keep doing it! I haven't felt this good since highschool dance team lol! As stupid as that sounds!

As for everything else in life I want to say I am sad about Robin Williams. I understand that depression can be that serious it's just hard to believe coming from such a bright soul. I really don't want to believe it because in my head it's telling me that the disease wins... I question how he died and in the circumstances if he was an alcoholic and or drug user... I would think he would have overdosed if he was trying to commit suicide. That's usually how it goes at least from my perspective. It's just hard to believe that is how he died. I almost wonder if it could have possibly been set up. I know this sounds outrageous but think about it. Most of the time when a respected famous person dies they don't immediately tell you how... they usually keep it private for the sake of the family and his reputation but they just blasted it everywhere. Yeah we could say well it needs to be announced... we need awareness... but is this awareness really the good kind? I saw where kloe kardasian posted an image of genie saying your free... and to me this is horrible. It tells me your free when your dead and that the disease wins. That is sad and I get it the pain the suffering but how are we to know if any of this is true for sure. I just had to say this and I know some of you will disagree but in this world you think you know but reality is a totally different story even if a billion people are telling you otherwise. I hope his family gets some kind of closure I can't imagine how hard it would be to understand this if it is indeed true.

Ok sorry for too much info... good night!


Big Giveaway with a Bunch of great ladies!!

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5 Easy Motivation Boosters

I have been super on the ball lately. Getting things done even things that I didn't know if I could do. I haven't been like this in months. I even felt like summer was just waving bye out a taxi cab window while I peered at the blinding sun unable to move. I am noticing that sometimes life will just sweep you under a rug if you don't get up and get moving. The problem is motivation. I need it... I crave it like a cup of coffee at the crack of dawn. Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation because what's the point... your tired, you don't feel good and you would rather lay around in hopes that it would help get you through the day.

Well I am here to tell you there are ways to feel happy, feel good and get things done that don't take but a teensy bit of effort. These teensy things will create a sense of purpose and open your mind to the wheels of motivation. The driving force that allows you to live life to its fullest.

Here are 5 easy motivation boosters that I have personally tried and tested and found work in my own life as well as seen them work in others.... Take a moment to try one today, make it a routine and see how it changes your whole life!

1. TAKE A HIKE.... hey guess what?! You don't have to physically go on a hike... I did say these were easy right? Just take a long walk.... pack some snacks and bring your best friend or an animal. Don't let anything keep you from walking right out your door and exploring what is around you even if it doesn't seem interesting... you will be surprised.

2. SIGN UP... make yourself accountable for something... whether it's a workout/dance/art class, a charity fundraiser, or volunteer. Some other passion that has nothing to do with work. Check out the library bulletin board, or a local coffee shop for flyers of things to do.

3. MEDITATE... I find yoga to be a easy way to trick your body into meditation because you have to think about the moves and focus on the balance aspects which keeps your mind clutter free. You can also meditate by changing the atmosphere of your room with music, lighting ,and a aroma. I love incense because I can focus on the strong smell and clear my head of thoughts.

4. TALK IT OUT... find someone you can talk to... who will genuinely listen and also be a sounding board for them as well. In our busy lives we often think that we are social enough when because of social media but what social media lacks is physical one on one attention. Our bodies need this to feel release to feel that we are important.

5. WRITE IT DOWN... allow yourself to scribble life out anything that stresses you out, that you can't stop thinking about, things that are getting one your nerve. Journal your life and see what you write down. It may surprise you!!

These things have allowed me to focus and to create motivation to achieve things that make life happier. Let me know any easy motivation boosters you would add to the list!