Project 1: Quick and Super easy Personalized Instagram Album

With everything nowadays (yes I can't believe I just said that) being digital it's hard to imagine what the future may hold for physical memories like albums and video tapes. It all seems to be floating in thin air and for some reason it really feels like at any moment those important memories could POOF! vanish to never be seen again. It's scary because I cherish the albums my mom made and kept of when me and my sisters were soooo little. It opens my eyes to a different side of my parents and makes me smile. So I think it's important I do that for Juniper. That's where the idea came from and today I want to show you how quick and simple it is to create a physical memory!

If you make one be sure to share through a blog post or instagram and tag me or let me know I would love to see!

WE R ALBUM leather instagram album (10.99 at hobby lobby) 40% off coupon from cell $6.59 
1 pack of 10 WE R sleeve protectors $2.00
Thickers: $5.00
Pictures printed at walmart... 31 pics for 2.79! see how to do that here

totals: $13.59

Time: not including printing pics at walmart: 25 mins

Just last week over a month after Junipers 1st birthday I took down what was left of her 1st Birthday adecorations. It was sad but at the same time a nice release. It's hard seeing how much she has changed in one year but it's so sweet. I am just ready to put those memories away. I had printed instagrams of the 1st year of Juniper a while back to hang all over the house for her birthday so everyone could see how she has changed and grown! You can see I stuck them on the locker in our living room for her birthday in the last picture.

I found a cool WE R instagram album at hobby lobby which is the first I have seen and used my 40% off coupon it had lots of page protectors in it already but I still bought an extra pack of 10. Each page with technically hold 2 pictures (front/back) 

When I go home I simply took some of those cool thickers which are basically thick stickers made from what seems to be a rubbery material and spelled out Juniper Year 1. THen I filled the pages and walaaaaa....

Life gets busy and it can cost a lot to scrapbook! Don't let that get in the way of you keeping memories for years to come!


PROCESS: working in the wild

 Hey friends I have been trying hard to get back into blogging regularly and using my dslr rather than my beloved ipad companion. I actually missed lugging that big thing around with me even with a baby and a dog in tow.

 I thought I would share with you a series about what my little job entails. You know the job that I made up for myself. Believe me there is a lot of work that goes into my little made up job... it's not a hobby even though it was before. So here's is a look at a tiny bit of my process.... if you interested in seeing more let me know below. It's been quiet around here for too long and I miss hearing from you all.

Today was all about venturing to my secret spot that is covered in wild glorious things. It's like shopping except what I get is free and there are a few big spiders to keep me company (yikes). So maybe it's nothing like shopping but I do carry a list of several things I need to collect kind of like a scavenger hunt. I also like to keep my eyes open for anything interesting, getting close to the ground moving things and observing. Probably the most valuable thing I get from this is the inspiration. I usually come out with a list of ideas that I can draw from later.

With summer coming to an end I am trying to press and gather as many things as possible before it is too late. So what do you think do you want to see more posts like this?


Project Alianza

Hey Guys I wanted to share with you a special little challenge for yourself as well as a great way to help out a good cause. Please take the time to watch the video. A beautiful friend of mine, Jessica Holly has created some gorgeous works of art that will be given to those who donate 100 or more.

I absolutely love these originals she created for the cause...


For the next 24 HOURS, a generous donor has agreed to match the donation of anyone who skips their coffee and instead donates $4 
(or more) to Project Alianza! 


Imagine a world where a farmer who once subsisted on an income of less than $2 per day is now on the path to self-sufficiency.
Imagine a world where families earn enough income to no longer be at risk of losing farmland that has nurtured shade-grown coffee for over 30 years.
Consider the joy a farmer feels when he is able to send his daughter to school so she can pursue her dreams.
At Project Alianza, this is not only our vision.  It's our business plan. 

We are asking for your support in launching Project Alianza, a program that offers agricultural education and access to fair markets for coffee farming families in underserved communities, beginning in Jinotega, Nicaragua. 
Enrique is pictured standing on his family-run farm situated in Nicaragua’s most desirable coffee-growing region, referred to as ‘the coffee triangle.’ He has the potential to produce specialty-grade coffee and nearly double his coffee production. Like many farmers, he has not received formal agricultural training and sells his coffee through middlemen who offer only the lowest wholesale prices. As a result, Enrique  is not able to invest in his farm to improve his productivity.
Enrique is eager to learn how to improve his coffee farm and begin growing other fruits to diversify his income. With increased sales, he would pay school fees so his three daughters can attend school.

What will we create?

We want every coffee farmer like Enrique to have access to the knowledge and the resources to maximize the productivity of their land, and the opportunity to partner with ethical buyers so they can turn their efforts into income. We want them to reach their own goals: to maintain ownership of their land, educate their children, and control their own futures. To make this possible we will use the $8500 from this campaign to build partnerships with farmers and implement the Project Alianza pilot in Jinotega, Nicaragua.
Here is our plan:
  • Develop a mobile education program for up to 25 farmers, with a team of agricultural technicians that will visit each individual farm, teaching better ways to plant, tend, and market their coffee.
  • Improve access to farming technologies and promote bio-construction techniques with structures such as rainwater catchment and compost bins. 
  • Establish a sourcing plan with ecologically and socially conscious coffee companies. We have established a partnership with Ethical Coffee Chain, to connect farmers to international markets that bring our coffee to you, the consumer.
  • Gather information and disseminate best practices through networking and round-table discussions with industry leaders, cooperatives and experienced farmers, about topics such as new technology, diversification techniques, and strategies for improving quality control.
  • Continuously measure and evaluate our impact on farming families and communities, and systematically assess our successes and challenges as we move forward.
  • Document stories of farmers through photo essays and short videos.

Jesus invited us to his home in northwest Nicaragua, where he candidly shared his story of starting his career as a coffee picker, before eventually improving his own coffee farm enough to earn a livable wage from his own land. In 2012, his crop was devastated by a preventable coffee fungus, and as a result, he lost access to credible buyers and returned to life as a coffee picker.

Why invest in Project Alianza?

We change lives:

Alianza will build a community safety net to create access to agricultural knowledge and resources so farmers like Jesus are less vulnerable to environmental threats.

We go further:

While small farmer cooperatives and FairTrade certifications have made good progress in improving access to markets, we recognize the limitations of these programs: they can require expensive investments to join, they may be poorly regulated, and they are difficult to access for many of the smallest farmers. In addition, these efforts generally stop short of providing the knowledge and resources necessary to address the long-term challenges of farming families.That's where Alianza comes in: we partner directly with farmers who are in under-served areas and are the most vulnerable to threats such as pest or weather-related productivity loss, or corrupt microlending practices.

We're innovative:

We build stronger communities by promoting partnerships among small farmers and larger more established farms, who often already have the certifications to appeal to conscientious consumers and the distribution channels to reach them. As small farmers develop the resources and know-how to produce coffee at the highest standards of quality, they are also able to gain access to these preferred markets.

We believe in an evidenced-based approach:

Our program is based on research of what techniques are most likely to succeed within the local contexts of the communities we serve. We don't simply provide a higher price or teach a single skill, like better planting techniques. We provide a multi-faceted approach that improves living standards through education, farming resources and access to better markets.

We recognize the challenges ahead:

Like any new initiative, there can be unpredictable challenges along the way. We will work hard and our farming partners will have to take a leap a faith, putting in more hours and investing a proportion of their incomes to increase their long-term yields. Building local collaborations and listening to the concerns of our partners will be critical to ensuring program engagement.

Kristin, Project Alianza's Cofounder, is pictured above visiting Jesus's coffee and fruit farm in Northern Nicaragua. 
Kristin was so inspired by the potential of this project to improve the lives of farming families, she applied for and received a Fulbright Fellowship to support her efforts. She recently left her job at a global policy research institute in Boston, MA to build Alianza from the ground up in Jinotega, Nicaragua.
Project Alianza has sustained our work through the generosity and efforts of a small but passionate army of volunteers, and now we are turning to Indiegogo to take Alianza to the next level.

San Benito flashes a heartwarming smile after a day harvesting coffee. 

Your funds put into action.
Your dollar is an investment in education and sustainability efforts facilitated by our on-the-ground partners. 100% of our earnings go directly to our farming partners. The portion of our funds we don’t raise on indiegogo will have to be raised by other means to support critical programming to change the lives of these farmers.
  • $25 supports a plot of five coffee plants for up to five years. The coffee plant produces an average of 2 lbs of coffee for up to 30 years!
  • $100 provides a loan in the form of seed and fertilizer to a family who lacks access to the financing needed to support a small-scale farm.
  • $950 supports a year of tuition for a coffee farming family to participate in an agricultural education program. Farmers learn about sustainability and experiment with growing techniques which allow them to become rooted in their community.

Please feel free to contact us at info@projectalianza.org.

Project Alianza is a pending 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you for your support.


Little Goals for September

lots of special new crystal rings in the shop

I am so jam packed for September and I won't lie... I set it up that way. I have been so into my business and burning the midnight oil to make this little dream a reality that I haven't really thought about anything else. I take everything I make, turn back around and put it right back into this business so I am broke but that's ok. I do it because to be honest with you I love it! This really is my dream job. Being able to design things for other people to wear and enjoy, building a brand from my own perspective on style, and creating. The perks for me are talking to my customers and meeting with them it's like having a bunch of friends all over the world that I can send special packages too. I have always loved doing things for people and making things special so this job fits me like a glove.

As for personal life I have done something fun every weekend for the past 4 or 5. We went camping to see my gram and gramps grave, we went to dolly wood, kings island and rode every roller coaster, Went 4 wheeling in tn and camped out in a storm, Went to a baseball game, went to an art fair, went to the county fair and... let's just say we made the most of the summer even though it seemed summer wasn't going anywhere we made it go somewhere. I'm also proud to say that I am still involved in my buti fitness class which is a goal I have tried to achieve for way too long.

Even though my calender is covered in permanent marker I still want to make time for other things rather than just business...

1. Work on baby book
2. Enjoy the outdoors
3. Finish my book
4. Finish organizing my finances
5. Cook some meals
6. Work on my studio
7. Put up a Fence
8. Pay my bills

What are some of your goals? Did you enjoy your summer


Sacred Things

I think it is important to have secrets.
I think that will live in a world today where people think secrets are ways of hiding.
To me secrets are ways we enjoy our time with ourselves.
Secrets are what separate us from being part of everyone else.
Secrets are what make life interesting
Secrets are what make us feel alive.

When I talk about secrets I am not talking about the kind of secrets that could hurt or harm anyone. I am talking about our own secrets our own sacred things that we like to do but we don't want anyone to know about. I think people often feel like a secret is something they should be ashamed of. I think that's wrong because secrets are powerful little moments that allow ourselves to be free. Completely free. I don't think we should consider a secret to be a bad thing. It is a good thing. We shouldn't feel the need to be public and become part of everyone's blur. We need our own little moments that no one knows about, that are just for us.

Don't be ashamed of your secrets
Don't feel like the world demands your secrets be announced so that you can be free.
You are as free as you allow yourself to be.



What I learned from my first cleanse

My three day beginners cleanse is over and I couldn't be more thankful. Honestly. I have dark circle around my eyes to prove it! I am not saying I was perfect and diligent but I can say that I understand it's purpose more than I did before. I would do a cleanse again perhaps push myself longer and be sure to prep well before hand.

1. It's not as easy as it looks. OK maybe I come at things with an I can do anything attitude but this one showed me that I could break easily.
2. I eat when I am not hungry. I was never really really hungry it was just my mind leading me to food. I wasn't in pain.
3. I consume way too much food. Food is a pleasurable ritual and I enjoyed every second of it.
4. Food is either a Medicine or a Drug. Your either addicted to what is not good for your body or you prescribe yourself with what helps your body take care of itself.
5. Sometimes you body needs a shock. Doing this cleanse was a shock to my body. period.
6. Your other senses are stronger than you think. Being around smells, sights or ever the texture of food triggered my stomach to twist but as soon as I got away from it I was fine!
7. We spoil ourselves on a everyday basis without ever knowing it. We have easy access to things that weren't so easily available to A LOT of people around the world and throughout history.
8. We are bombarded with food paraphernalia. I couldn't watch tv, or even go get errands done without seeing 3 billion things that told me I needed food or I am hungry. I never noticed it before like I did while on the cleanse.
9. You tend to rethink life when you deprive yourself from physical food. I see how easily I allow myself to have things which are so easily available and than I make myself take them away.... how thought provoking... that's all I can say.



Hello! Today I wanted to share with you lovelies a giveaway that I am hosting through my instagram @run2thewild for one of my very special heart peace catchers! Each one is special because I use vintage, deadstock trims and crystals along with other special embellishments that make each one completely unique! The price in the shop for one of these customs is $65 and as the price of these hard to find vintage materials goes up so will the price to purchase one of these!

I started making these lovelies almost a year ago when I was pregnant with Juniper and since then have had many requests for them. Before the custom listing I put in the shop I had people message me asking for one and once I told them the price about 1/3 of them said they couldn't afford it. Of course that price can't change and even if I did lower it I wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand or make any money off of it. So that's why I decided to give one away! Depending on how well this giveaway goes depends on if I will ever do it again so we shall see!

Plus the other special thing about these Heart Peacecatchers is that they are an original design by me! You won't find anyone else selling something like this and if so, you know where they got the idea from! The last picture is the first heart peacecatcher I made and pinned to pinterest and I am blown away by the number of repins it has got in less than a year!!! Over 3000!!! How does that even happen?

First off you must have an instagram account to enter this giveaway... if you don't you should get one anyway... instagram is so much better than facebook!

Then find me and follow me on instagram @run2thewild
Find this image and then you just have to complete 3 easy peasy steps...

1. repost the image and tag me below @run2thewild so I can see it... (hint: take a picture of the screen using your phone)
2. under your repost #runwildgiveaway
3. under your repost tag a friend using the @ symbol before their insta name

This is open internationally and ends 8/26!!! 

Also be sure to keep your profile off private so I can see your entry!!!