9 months oh my!

Such a sweet thing... life feels so perfect right now it's almost of the verge of me wishing that life would just stand still. The curls, baby teefers, and strange faces are just some of the perks. Some how she knows when mama says No she means it and shes noticing some of the smallest things like a mole under my arm. It all makes me smile so big it really melts my heart. It's amazing watching something so small grow and be so smart. We just got done with the mushroom festival and I packed her with me for fun. Just to see if I could do it and it went really well. She loved the atmosphere and all the people which surprised me. On our drive home she did nothing but giggle. Life is more easier now and she can handle foods like a slice of wheat toast and some chopped up baked sweet potatoes or bananas. I am so thankful for spring it makes such a difference in how active you can be with a baby and the fresh air and sunshine seem to make life as a baby much more satisfying.. I can't believe were 9 months. I am starting to feel normal again and this life is becoming more and more normal.

Oh and I forgot she can now sing, dance and clap which makes things so much more enjoyable!

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