My Spring Collection Reflection

As some of you know I introduced my spring collection right before the first day of spring for the shop. This spring collection is the beginning of defining Run 2 the Wild's purpose which is why I am so proud. It is the first collection of items to debut as a group with a collective meaning. Each item in the collection was carefully planned and the craftsmanship of each piece is near perfect.

This collection was inspired by spring's gift of new life and delicate nature. The soft and neutral colors of spring fill the collection. The purpose of the collection is to remind us of the beauty that nature provides adorned in the simplest form so that it becomes a statement for it's owner. The pieces are meant to be magical, to capture something special and unique.

I spent around 2 months curating, planning, and drawing out this collection. My main goals for this year in the shop were improving the quality of the product and creating unique pieces that matched the shops purpose. This is just the beginning of the kind of product you will see from Run 2 the Wild and I am so happy for these changes.

After bringing the collection into the shop I felt a sense of accomplishment and for once I was really proud and confident in my product. So basically collections for each season will become a regular thing for the shop. Something to definitely look forward to. 

The shop also got a major overhaul which is something I have wanted to do for a while. Where before the shop had several different types of products before including vintage, jewelry, home decor, and clothing. I am beginning to narrow down and be more specific with the product so that I can focus on the quality of the product and experience of the customer.

So you might wonder why I feel the need to share this with you? Because my business isn't going anywhere but up and no matter what my goals and dreams are I am still striving to be better. My  main influence is my customers. I have had lots of contact with them lately. Communicating about their experience with my product and even their suggestions to make it better. Some messages disappointed me but I decided to take it and use it to make the shop better. 

I think as a shop owner it is super important that we grow based on our customers and their needs. That we listen and strive to make that connection. 

All products in the shop were tested personally by me to ensure that they hold up over time and to see the reaction from the world. Products that have been in the shop have all been improved upon so that the level of craftsmanship is at it's best. 

Run 2 the Wild's purpose is to make YOU feel special. To remind us of the simple everyday beauty in our lives and that nature is our precious, everlasting gift from the world. We strive to make things meaningful, products that have life to them. 

And as a thank you to the lovely customers that made this beautiful collection happen... I am offering 30% off everything (except wholesale and wedding orders) in the shop using coupon code SPRINGFLING and for orders $50 and over free shipping using coupon code FREESHIP50 at checkout. These codes are good now until the 27th of March. So don't miss out... this is the highest discount I have given in the shop with the best quality and variety of products I have ever had available. 

Thanks again to all my lovely customers... you help make my dreams come true a little more each day!


  1. cute stuff I will hv to go shopping!!

  2. absolutely love the new goodies. you're inspiring!

    1. Thank you! You inspire me! I sent out your special package yesterday!

  3. Courtney, I really love your Spring collection! I also love your new blog design! Great work


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