Wild Style: Flowers in your Hair

I am officially 6 months!!! It's crazy how your original plans can totally change in 6 months. I thought my baby pictures were going to be totally different but it's a lot harder than I thought to keep it up especially when your trying to get everything together and stay sane. I felt my little babe kick last week. I was so worried about why I hadn't felt her kick and then when I stopped thinking about it she kicked real hard twice. Since then I have felt her squirming and punching every now and again. Some days she is totally still and then other shes in the Olympics! It has been the coolest feeling in the world... I really love it. I have been super tired, super hungry and less energized in the past week or two. It really has been getting to me but I am starting to feel the energy slowly kick back in. My mom is currently helping me clean out a room and decorate it hippie style... this makes me so excited! I am really focusing on trying to get healthy and enjoy my alone moments because it won't be long before there won't be alone time. I keep trying to imagine myself holding and caring for a baby... I see it but it's hard to visualize it as this is happening. It's slowly coming into reality for me I just can't wait till she gets here!

Outfit Details
dress: thrifted
necklace/headband/earrings: the shop
shoes: tj max

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