Collections: Curio Cabinet Part 1

As most of you know I am obsessed with curio cabinets! So today I am giving you a little peek of what is inside one of my desk curio cabinets. I was lucky enough to have captured most of my collections on my camera before I packed them away in storage. 

This is part one of my curio cabinet which shows off my small rock collection.

I actually collect a lot of big rocks too but I thought I would just show you the gems I keep in my vintage glass cabinet.

 I have been collecting rocks since I was little. My mom filled her beautiful garden with big unique rocks she had collected from past family members and cool places. It was like a treasure trove for me as a kid and a huge inspiration to begin collecting. My mom would bring me home small precious stones she received from friends and I loved it. 

 We moved to Kentucky from Illinois when I was going into first grade. The move was what got me to start exploring nature because of the beautiful hills, hidden caves, forests and creeks literally right in our backyard unlike Illinois which is totally flat and somewhat lifeless. I loved it! It was the first time I had seen a pebble, busted a geode and found my own fossils. Kentucky is full of different kinds of beautiful rocks.

Ever since then I always cherished rocks and anytime I go somewhere my head is pointed to the ground looking for a special specimen to snatch up and remind me of that moment or place. I wish I had taken a geology class in college!

Most of this collection includes rocks I actually paid for because I wanted to see how many different types of rocks I could collect! I always loved collecting rocks because of the memories, the fact you could keep them where ever (even outside), and because it is so amazing how nature just creates these beautiful pieces.

Do you collect rocks?


  1. Yes! I love your collection! I have had a rock/gem/shell/driftwood collection since junior high! I have ones from Washington state, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and everywhere in between. I should think about finding a way to display mine, though. Most of them are tucked away, because I don't know what to do with them. I love the crystals you can find in the rocks. Those are my favorite... but I like shiny, sparkly things. hahaa

  2. Oh gosh, when I was really little I used to ride my bike and stop and collect rocks in my fanny pack. Oh the good ol' days. But I love rocks like these! So beautiful :)
    xo TJ

  3. i have an extensive collection of rocks and crystals. love em!

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