Mushroom Festival Recap

Wanted to throw up some shots from the mushroom festival this past weekend. I decided to not face paint this time and instead just dive right into it with customers which kept me busy the whole time. I loved it. Face painting will break your back and with me bringing June along it's almost impossible anyway so I am glad that it's done with even though I do love painting little kids faces. I needed the separation so I can really focus on what I am trying to do with Run 2 the Wild.

I was surprised by the fact that without face paint I still made really good money which is something I am very thankful for. It means that what I have been trying to accomplish is working and that hard work pays off. So it keeps me going... especially the fact that there were a lot of followers who let me know they always look for me and know that I am online. Plus I just love making that final connection with people I may have already "met" with online but not in person. It really makes me happy.

Thank god for spring... I mean I think if I have to name a favorite season this is it. It's inspiring and it feels lucky some how. Just a new beginning I guess. 

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  1. Wow your designs are gorgeous! This is a sweet blog and I'm glad to have found it, totally going to start following.


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