Mini Cabin: Update

For those of you who have been following along about my mini cabin I finally have some news! 
I know this update and has taken forever but a couple of things have gotten in our way, having no door and losing a little motivation for some time has definitely got the best of us. Also we had a bitter winter (it was a bad one for KY). 
But anyways here are some pictures for the update! 


 I am so happy to be back on track, were so close to being done I can't wait to show you the finished product. We still have some update to the outside were going to paint the door and I'm going to figure out something to make for the front on the side without the door. 
I got a hammock while in TN and its rainbow! eek! There was a perfect set of trees for me to hang my hammock almost over the creek, it feels almost too perfect laying in it. 
Also the last picture makes me giggle...It's just too cute! :D
xoxo Nicky

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