Wild Style: Self Love

"I wish to be nothing but myself at all times."

Self love is about having confidence in yourself and really not caring what other people think of you. When Courtney and I first started these photo shoots, which has been a couple of years ago it was always pretty awkward. Yes even with my own sister! Back then I was self conscious, I felt like any way I turned was weird and like I looked stupid. Over years and accepting flaws and learning to love them I have fun, I don't care when people look when we go out for these photo shoots. 
But this definitely isn't just about taking photo shoots, its about real life. Be true to yourself, and then you will begin to love yourself. Don't worry about others, and just do you. Once you fall in love with yourself, I promise you will forever be happy. :)
xoxo Nicky
outfit details: shoes: Kohls, lace top: gift from my mom, skirt: TjMaxx, scarf: American Eagle, Jewelry/Headband: Run2TheWild!

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