baby punk

I just love this baby... who sadly won't be a baby much longer. She will be a toddler and I just can't believe it. I wonder if I will be the mother that says ages in months and I'm starting to believe I will be. Each and every day she changes and learns new things. She is so smart and precious and loving and such a personality. She is amazing and I love her dearly. I already think about how she will be when she grows up and I cherish each day of her just being little. It's a weird thing being a mother but at the same time it's really the best thing that ever happened to me. So many things I didn't expect to happen actually did and it seems that this was my destiny all along even though there is so much life to be lived. I seriously sit down and thank god every night that my little juniper is exactly who she is. It's hard to imagine life before as cliche as that sounds.

My Juniper has taught me to slow down and enjoy every moment because who knows what will happen tomorrow. So every day I am happy for it. I don't expect everything to happen like I think it should and I just go with the flow.


  1. She's adorable!!! WOW a lot has changed since the last time I saw your posts!! This is so awesome :-)

    1. yeah! its been a while and I have been slacking... hoping to get back into the swing of things once I move into my new place. Its been a bit crazy around these parts! :)


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