Catching Up

Well we have been moved into our new home over a week now and I couldn't be anymore happier. Art camp is over and most of my orders from the past week are packed which equals no stress. Of course in the process of moving we have encountered a few bumps in the road like losing a car key which will end up costing a little over 300 dollars... dag on VW Beetles!!!! Either way it's all good and having the space for my baby to move around as she pleases makes life so much easier. Plus did I mention she's walking... no crawling! It's a little crazy seeing her like this but it nice not having her clung to my legs when she wants to go somewhere. We have more space but it's filling up quickly so I am trying to shed a lot of things... so far so good. It's taking me a lot longer to get things like I want them and I can't seem to find the right pieces I am looking for to get things set up like I want.

We have a huge project list.... not in written form but in my head which isn't the best way to get things done. At the same time I don't want to rush everything and feel pressured to have this place looking a certain way quickly. I want to enjoy the process not stress out over it. That can be hard though because you imagine all the great things for your new place and want them to magically appear.

I have been slacking on blogging lately.... ps I hate when people say that but I want to say that I am fine with that. It's summer and I am enjoying living with my soon to be 1 year old. Isn't that crazy! I have a big 1st birthday to plan so trying to get things organized is going to have to be on the top of my to do list.

So with a new month July I am going to start it off right and share some goals I have with you...

1. prepare a 1st birthday
2. make a growth chart, stepping stone and start a savings account for my baby
3. get my studio set up
4. build a storage ottoman, simple patio set?
5. fence the backyard and build a temporary fire pit
6. power spray and seal our deck
7. look into some new festivals
8. photograph an outfit post and some new jewelry pieces for online
9. drink more water
10. organize money

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