Mommy and Me: Let's go fly a kite

Yeah for spring and being able to do things outside with my baby girl! After such a long, harsh winter I was beginning to wonder if I was on the verge of serious depression but the sunshine, green grass and blue skies changed all that. I spent a lot of the week unglued from this computer and it really allowed me to enjoy what's right in front of me. This precious baby girl named Juniper. It seems like she is at the perfect age to be enjoying spring and it wears her out too!

This weekend we enjoy a kite festival which I thought would be the perfect place to take some pics of my little, pretty thing after all it's almost easter. These pictures are completely unedited.... I like to edit pictures with filters and all that good stuff but these just seemed perfect ;)

It's hard to get a picture of this little girl smiling all nicely, she wants to scrunch her face up and grunt. So I guess this is the real deal. I keep debating on whether I should have someone take pictures of her but I keep deciding not to because in reality it doesn't make much sense. After all a photographer will just edit them to death and it won't really be what my baby really is. Not saying anything bad about photographers but if I can do the job or at least edit them myself why pay someone to do it...? This is the same debate I have on tattoos.... hopefully one day I will force myself to change.

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