Berea First Friday

Just some forgotten snapshots from my little towns first friday that was at the beginning of the month. It went really well for me. I got to meet locals and tell them about my business and make some new friends who surprisingly live right down the road from me, went to the same school as me with the same interests and we are just now meeting. Funny how that works. 

This was the first time our little old town has had an event like this and I was really happy with the turnout and all the entertainment. Lots of music, hooping, food, local handmade stuff and fire dancers! I am happy that our little town is doing an event like this! The next one will be the first friday of June and then July and that's it for this year. 

I realize now maybe I should show you a little more about the little town I live in... 
Also these will be the only pics you get to see of my imperial jade hair. Unfortunately this color faded really quick and in a way that wasn't pretty. Now my hair is a new color... maybe I will share that soon too!

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