This Week in Small Stuff

This week has went really well. I want to start a new series every friday where I look around and see the small stuff that I accumulated over the week for any particular reason. I like sharing stuff via instagram and I am a collector/hoarder of small stuff. So this is a new little goal for me so that I can reflect on what was accomplished during the week, practice some photography skills and maybe be able to release some of these small things once they have been recorded.

This week I was given the beautiful butterfly that my boyfriend found where he works. I don't let him kill bugs so it's a surprise when he finds one naturally dead in perfect condition. I will be preserving this once it dries some more.

I was also surprised by my sister with a mini instax camera and rainbow film! I have the larger instax but I always wanted a mini one and I am sooo happy she got me it!

I picked up my very first eos lip balm which I have to say I really enjoy using.

I picked up some new dino's to turn into terrariums. These babies have been hard to find lately.

I put together the festival goodie bags which include some tootsie pops! Only 4 left online!

I took the leaf shaped tiles and some other shells and marbles my older sister gave me to make a little discovery pail full of water for Juniper to play in and she loved it!

I took one of my Stephen Power Note cards from the giveaway this week to use in Juniper's baby book. I thought this one seemed appropriate.

I also had a wonderful mother's day thanks to my family. Celebrated my dad's birthday. Did the first step for planning my baby's first birthday. Started Mommy and Me fitness classes with Juniper. Fixed up the blog and corrected all the links. Practiced more pinhole photography and dark room processing and took my baby in her stroller for a couple walks this week. I also ran around Richmond trying to find out how to get a plat of survey for something very exciting!

What did you do this week?
Would you been interested in linking up next week and joining me for "This week in Small Stuff" on your blog?

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