Birthday in Iphone Pics

I had a really good birthday despite the fact that I don't actually have a birthday this year. Being a leap year baby is one of those things that can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. So I try to look at it in a positive light and when I don't have an actual birthday I claim a whole week as my birthday. I see it as looking at the glass half full and some see it as selfish but either way it makes it a whole lot more fun.

This year I made sure to plan do things that I alone could enjoy. Rather than having a get together with family and friends because most of the time that never really ends up working out. I guess I am getting old officially because I'd rather not have a day where people are centered around celebrating me. Instead this year I wanted to center myself... if that makes any sense.

Here are some things I did for my birthday...

enjoyed my first mojito
took a yoga class with my sisters
went zip lining in a cavern
went to my favorite store urban outfitters
went to an art gallery
ran around Louisville
went out with my best friend and danced
enjoyed some froyo
gave my little Juniper some extra love and attention
got some sleep
enjoyed some time around a campfire
enjoyed a dinner with family

and tried to not freak out that I am now 26. Silly I know but it's crazy how quick time flies now that I have my sweet babe. 

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  1. Some day in the future you'll look back and think how young 26 is !

    Love from Davina.


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