ReThink Your Spring Break

If your anything like me then usually every spring break you don't make or have any plans. My family will go on a trip to the smokies, and then later in the summer a trip to the beach. So spring break is a week where I try to be off from everything. Obviously school, but also work as a little mini vacation.
A couple of years ago I did this thing and I called it Nature Week! Every day I went and hiked
or just enjoyed the views of being somewhere different. But in nature!
So I want to challenge, all of you no matter what age, take your Spring Break, even if you don't have an official week, make one and go out everyday somewhere different! 
Hike a mountain, walk around your local park, find some creeks near you, a lake, visit your arboretum (even if you have to drive an hour) ask around find out about secret waterfalls, caves or trails you've never been to before, even sitting outside on your back porch.

Make it as easy or as hard as you want, just go out and enjoy nature...Thats what this is all about! Dedicate one week, one week that you may not be doing anything but sit around on a couch or dragging yourself to work everyday, and take one hour and enjoy being outside, for seven days. Or as many as you can! 

These are my pictures from my Nature Week that was almost three years ago! 
You never know what you'll happen upon and be amazed at, nature always amazes and refreshes me! 
I encourage you to get out this week, no electronics, bring your family, friends, or lover then go out for a good snack afterwards! 
** Hashtag #NatureWeekRunWild on Instagram and one of your photos could get featured on a Blog Post! **
-Nicky :)

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