A Year of Collections!

I am feeling a little nostalgic lately... I blame it on Juniper's 1st birthday being in 7 days! Either way thinking about the past as well as finishing up listing the new Sweet Summertime collection (which finishes it debut today!) made me think about all the collections we have punched out in the past year! Then I realized we have successfully had a collection for each month of the year for a full year and I am sooo proud of the fact that we did it!

It all started in spring of 2013 when I was searching for a new way to be inspired. I was going through a really bad time of being pregnant and feeling like life was at a dead end as well as in a bad situation. I wanted to push myself to create more and also take more pictures plus I wanted to keep my shop fresh even though my life didn't seem that way. So the idea of having a collection for every season was born. I have to say it was frustrating at times and sometimes I wondered if I would be able to accomplish it but guess what I did and I am so happy that I did.

Looking back at these pictures makes me see how much I have grown in the jewelry I make, the pictures I take as well as the styling and the ideas. I feel like I have come such a long way when before I did this it didn't feel like that. I might have been in a sucky situation through most of this but I made it work and I made that sucky situation into a useful one. I didn't lay around and tell myself I couldn't do anything because I didn't have room or I didn't have the right equipment... I just forced myself to do it and make it work.

I am so thankful to have a beautiful sister as a model and business partner. I think that it's neat to see how far we have come as a team. It amazes me that we could translate her to the look and feel that I wanted every season. Hands down I couldn't have done this without her. I love you Nick!

Besides all that I have big dreams for future collections so I feel that it might be a good time to share those with you. The next year's collections I want to fill with some new faces and I want to build a team that will help put these collections onto a whole new level. I also want to scout out some new unique locations and explore new ideas with styling. I also want to look into collecting some reps that will show how diverse my jewelry can be with different styling.

So if your interested in helping out or being a rep shoot me an email run2thewild@gmail.com and thanks to all of you lovely peeps that have supported my business, this blog, and the shop! I love you all!

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  1. All very lovely. I really love the photos you use with your jewelry. They're gorgeous!


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