Exploring: Frozen Falls

About a week ago after we had a blast of cold icy blizzard winter it warmed up for one day. There was no way I was letting a warm day go by without getting outside and taking a much needed drive to one of my favorite personal sanctuaries.

 This place goes back almost 10 years ago when you use to have to sneak through a bunch of fields and thorny forests to get to it. It's literally like a oasis in the middle of  a open farm desert. It use to be quick a rebellious thing because your driving on someone else's land that wasn't opened to the public.

The sad thing about it is they have now paved that old gravel road and added to it with a parking lot, signs and even a small building so that more people have easier access to it. It sounds selfish but that just means you rarely get the secret falls to yourself and for it being a bit of a drive... it can be disappointing when you run into a bunch of teenagers swimming and partying. In fact it kinda sucks.

However the good thing is that I can now bring my baby down with me and since this was a weird out of the dead of winter warm day I knew the trip would be a good idea and boy was I ever right.

These pictures come no where close to catching the magnificent ice formations covering the river rocks and permanent frozen action of this perfect waterfall. I was absolutely taken back by it's beauty. The feeling of the warm air and the brisk coolness coming of the ice made it that much more exciting.

I would tell you it's location but at the same time I feel that for me it's best to keep it a secret and prevent any further damage from outsiders.

Do you have a personal sanctuary that is kind of a secret?

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  1. My little sister and I have a secret park that we don't tell anyone about :)


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