Collection: Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

I wanted to share with you one of my most extensive and favorite collections that I have. My jewelry! I have collected jewelry since I think I was in sixth grade, almost nine years ago! Granted over time I have gotten rid of a lot that I considered junk and lost along the way. But I hope you enjoy seeing some of my most cherished pieces. :D
My sister got me this for my birthday one year, this golden snake wraps around your arm so cool, its definitely one of my statement pieces. 
My collection contains new, old, pieces I've bought, or pieces people have bought for me. I have name brand and some I don't even know the brand! The pink parrots are one of my favorite pieces as well, there were designed by one of my favorite designers Betsey Johnson! 
The unicorn ring and dream catcher earrings were from Courtney! The unicorn ring you can find in her shop and the dream catcher earrings were given to me from her as a gift!
 This ring and necklace were from my boyfriend. The necklace is made by a company named Massi and its ruby druzy. The ring is from a shop on Etsy. Its a Jimi Hendrix quote saying "If I'm free its because I'm always running"

These are truly my most treasured though...these are items from my mom that she's let me keep. A charm bracelet, her class ring and a set of Indian inspired earrings.
Do you have cool pieces or sentimental pieces of jewelry? I would love to hear about them!
Nicky :)

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