Date Day: Perfect North Slopes

 This was more like an anniversary date! We celebrated our 3 year anniversary by heading out to this place about two hours away called Perfect North Slopes. The crazy thing to me at least about it is that its all fake snow!! It was perfect though!  They have where you can ski, tube or snowboard.

 As you can see we decided on tubing. I really wanted to snowboard, and we both definitely knew we didn't want to ski! I don't know why but we both branded it as too hard! 

Thanks goodness they had a conveyor belt that took you to the top. It was a nice little ride because you could enjoy your surroundings as you went towards the top. 

It was a very fun day and I suggest you all to go do something new for an anniversary or even just go out and have with your family or friends!! 
Do you all have any ski places like this near you? 
Any suggestions on other fun dates?

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