6 months of Motherhood

Juniper with a toy I made her... I will show you more details on the idea later this week.

It's absolutely insane how quickly time passes when you have a kid. Not only do you experience a tremendous change within your body recouping from your fully expanding belly but your child changing every single day. It's more than just a bittersweet experience it's a life changing one. They were right... you will never sleep the same again, you will go without eating, forget about personal hygiene and all that once annoying ugly baby stuff becomes soooo cute.. and you got to get one in every color. It happened and after 6 months of it I can tell you it is all worth it!

I am so happy that I didn't wait any longer to have this beautiful baby girl. The 6 month mark is really an eye opening  and emotional time. I feel the absolute bond of her to me now. I understand her needs and wants. I know exactly what makes my little one tic now and it feels soooooo good. As she grows and becomes more independent I find her looking for her personal quiet time with me. It's hard to get the balance just right but I am sure that any loving mother understands why. You want your baby to accomplish things but you are sad to see them accomplish those things and slowly grow apart from your touch.

I am thankful to have been able to stay with my baby at home this long and look forward to staying at home with her longer. I just can't imagine not seeing every little first she accomplishes. She makes me so proud and so blessed by god to be able to make money and take care of her at home.

I have realized that my major life goals before have changed because of her and only because now I want what's best for her. What's best for her is a loving family, one that cares for her and takes care of her. One that makes sure she has everything she needs. This little life is what it is all about. Not how much stuff I have or how nice of a car I drive, Not how big my home is or the clothes I wear. Not how rich I am or how famous I could be. 

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