Hobby : Project Life

I want to introduce you all to this (kind of new) thing I'm obsessed with! It's called Project Life. I work at a local craft store and seen one and was intrigued. I had bought a couple of these things called Smashboooks, I loved there randomness and cute pages but could never seem to get into them and I didn't want to ruin my pictures by gluing them. 
Thus this is why Project Life is sooo perfect! At least for me !
This is my actually book! I am a little obsessed with it! 
 My first page needs a little work...it's just too hard to commit to a first page when you want it to look its best! 

This is just some shots of a couple of my pages so far...pumpkin patch, Juniper, hunting and fishing, graduation fiesta, and on  the pontoon. 
If you do decide to do this and if your anything like me, you will become obsessed with all the cards...the main set comes with 660...but I needed more, and more and more. There all just too cute! 
Well this is my little hobby for now, and hopefully for awhile. I love being able to have all my pictures in one place, my own album!
Do you all do Project Life? Or just scrapbook? Or anything in that nature?
Any ideas on what I should do or add to mine?
-Nicky :)

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