Project Mini Cabin : Progress 4

 The Roof! This day has been harder then others, we actually got to work on our cabin, we had bigger expectations for what we would we get done...but it was just the roof. From the cuts...to a few mistakes, we made it through them and got it up, it was such a relief and now I feel like people can actually "see" it now!

It was definitely an exciting day! On another note, we have trying to build our cabin as cheap as possible, we have been worried about what we were going to do for the roof. We knew definitely not shingles and were hoping to get some free or cheap tin. It wasn't happening though...but a little bit of goodness fell into our lap literally as soon as we finished and were cleaning up. I'll make the story short, but it's called Onduras Roofing brand new, but damaged for really, really cheap...and the cherry on top, it was exactly enough to cover our little cabin!
- Nicky -

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