Recap of Blog Posts from 2014

Hello strangers it's been a little over a month since I posted on the blog mainly because running my shop keeps me super busy during the holidays not to mention trying to find the time to actually enjoy them too! I have been debating on doing a recap because I felt like I hadn't posted much but once I got into it I actually posted pretty regularly during the year and totally forgot a lot of the fun family things I did. I have also been debating on whether or not to keep blogging, sharing my thoughts and feelings with whoever is reading this along with my family moments.

 I recently separated my instagram into two accounts... well more like made a new private one just for pictures of my baby and family and kept the run2thewild account strictly business but then again family occasionally collides with my business from time to time so there is still a bit of it in my biz feed. However I am sooo glad I did it because as my business grows I don't want strangers getting personal information or pictures of my baby. Plus I have been experiencing a couple crazies lately which comes with sharing your life with the world so it works well to have a private account and I enjoy it.

So this leads into the blogging dilemma... I share my candid thoughts on here and I can see where that could lead into problems with my business but then again I feel like my personality/style is what makes my brand and without it I don't think it would be successful. Also looking back for the past hour at my posts from the year has made me tear up and smile. I forgot how great, fun, exciting it is to record, journal and capture my life. I forgot all the wonderful moments and being reminded of them has made me feel much better about the last year. I had been feeling like it was just a waste but it really wasn't!

I actually miss posting style posts it really helped me come out of my shell, explore my wardrobe, and get creative. I also miss the mommy and me posts because I mean those are memories and at the same time reminders of all the little fun things in life. I can't believe how many shows I did this year and how my booth setup progressed as well as my professionalism and my quality of product. I met a lot of creative people this year now I just want to start collaborating. I feel so much more confident with my business and I took it to the next step and made it all official. I moved from my moms into my first home after many tears, headaches and feeling sorry for myself. Last but not least I got to enjoy watching my baby grow and learn a ton of new things which has been the best gift 2014 has given me.

As I head into 2015 I think about how I want to keep succeeding in my business. Own a studio/ shop space, hire help and increase inventory I also think about how much I have enjoyed being at home with my baby girl, enjoying all her precious moments. It's hard thinking about it my eyes are tearing up to think what will change with her and me in 2015. I know it will be good but man 2014 you were good to me even though I thought you were not. You helped me reconnect with my mom, enjoy the last moments I will probably ever have living with my little sister and seeing them care for my Juniper. Watching my dad go from my worst enemy to my new best friend and a pap to my baby. Watching Justin become the best father I could have ever imagined. My hair changed a ton of colors and so did my attitude. All in all I will keep blogging (pst it's one of my resolutions) and I will continue to grow, change, and enjoy the moment. So here's a recap of my blog posts from 2014! Cheers!

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  1. I would be sad If you quit your blog, I really enjoy reading it, becase you are so open and honest (:

  2. loved seeing what you've been up to. Juniper is just so sweet! hope 2015 is turning out to be just as full as last year was!


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