Mommy and me: Hiking The Pinnacles of Berea Ky

I haven't hiked the pinnacles since before I was pregnant but I just got a chance last week to head up it with my pup and some friends. It seemed easier than I imagined so I figured I would give it a go again the other day with my Juniper and the help of all 3 of my sisters. What a trip... I forgot to grab the harness I have to carry her in so we all took turns packing her up the mountain the hard trail. I don't know what I would do without my sisters, they are truly a blessing.

I don't think I'll be taking June up it again anytime soon though because it's hard to enjoy the scenery. I mean I didn't really get a chance to take any pictures once we got to the top, only enough time to just enjoy it in real life. Plus it's a little scary having her on the edge of a cliff. She liked it but I think she was ready for it to be over. 

Also I haven't been very active besides running around trying to take care of a baby and yoga once a week so I decided to sign up for a mommy and me workout class. That was interesting but after only 20 mins of crunches and lifting a baby as weight my body aches... bad. Then climbing the mountain twice in less than a week and today I can't even sit without wanting to scream in pain. 

All in all though it feels good to feel pain and to get the gratitude once you reach the top of the mountain. Junie loved the mommy and me class even though I was pouring in sweat and life is looking better and better every day. I got the best news the other day and I just can't wait till I can share it with you.

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