Little Goals for May

We're already a week into May and I just can't believe it. I have so much going on this time of year it's hard to make room for anything extra but always ends up getting jam packed. Now that I think about it my two biggest money making times of the year are the holidays and during summer vacations which means I'm working my bottom off while most people are chilling and taking time off. Either way I still love it. I find myself wanting to accomplish so many things that I often get frustrated and then waste the day away enjoying it. Which by the way isn't so bad either. It's just that time of year when I feel so inspired by the weather and activities but fall short when it comes to making things happen. For the past 3 months I have dedicated myself to this problem and put in the time to make things happen. This is my big goal for May and with one week in I can tell you that it is happening. I may have totally stressed myself out and felt as if my world was falling apart but I am getting shit done and it feels great. Finally it seems that my life is headed in a new direction that will help me achieve things I have been wanting for a lonnnnngggg longgg time.

I want to vent for a moment so bare with me. One thing that has aggravated me is people thinking that I have time to waste on things they want which do nothing for me. It's not that I think that my time is so much more valuable but I wish people understood that just because I don't have what they deem is a real job doesn't mean that I just waste away my days doing whatever I please. I have to work, I have a schedule and I put in time if I didn't I wouldn't have money to reinvest and take care of my baby. I work for a living... shocking huh? So if your wanting me to go out of my way for you to look at something of mine that you might buy it really isn't worth my time or worth the money for me. I say this after offering my things for sale in several local places and online with free shipping for locals. This isn't me being rude it's me being honest. Time is money for me especially now that I have a baby to take care of. Now if your wanting to go for a walk or hangout then that's totally worth my time. So is this making sense?

Phew... either way here are my little goals for may...
1. Hang out with new friends
2. Finalize Art Camp Plans and Ideas
3. Get rid of lots of stuff... YARD SALE!
4. Stay Active
5. Experiment more with dark room photography

I have quite a few exciting things going on this month that are going to make it fly by and then when June hits I will have a month full of happy things that I will share later. I have a trip to the smokies, a boyscout lesson on pinhole cameras, mommy and me exercise classes, and some extreme organizing and planning for June which will keep me busy with 2 weeks of art camp along with some good news.

blah. I feel like I just spilled my guts. why is spring flying by so fast?

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