Photo Dump: Spoonbread Festival 2014

What a busy month I have had! Between photographing and debuting the fall collection and two really good festivals plus a gala that I set up at... I am pooped! I am so proud of myself though because I reached all my goals and this is honestly the hardest I have worked in a long time besides christmas... which is always crazy. I was soooooo impressed by my local community coming out and supporting my biz... it was almost overwhelming but wonderful at the same time!

We were swarmed throughout the festival and I got to meet so many lovely and interesting people who support what I do. I also saw a lot of old familiar faces who supported me as well! It was crazy and for the first time ever we sold out! I even sold my super large terrarium (which really wasn't for sale) to a super sweet lady who told me it reminded her of her son who was killed in Iraq. All my hard work paid off and that was soooo unreal but I couldn't have done it without the help of my family, and all the support and love of my community! I realize how strong my community is now and how important it is to my business.

I could seriously go on for hours about all the wonderful people that I got to chat with during the festival but you would get sick of reading it! I am just sooooo happy and I have a huge list of new goals for the next year to mark off and accomplish! It makes me so happy to know that this is what I was meant to do and to be. Through all the sacrifices and crazy investments I have made I feel way more confident then ever! I know god has to be watching me over his shoulder and is letting me know that through all the heartache I had in the past year that it all lead to this!

I can only hope that those lovely peeps that came into my booth and spread those wonderful vibes come back again and again and that I remember them! I am the worst with names! I love it, I love you all and I love my little town! the end.

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