Photo Dump: Walk with the ARTS at Indian fort theater

I couldn't be more thankful for the people god has brought into my life. One of those being the lovely art teacher in the photo above. I met her through student teaching 3 years ago and she has since been a mentor to me. Although I don't have an art teaching job, she has been there to show me all kinds of opportunities that allow me to get the kind of teaching I want out of my degree. She has also supported me fully with my decision in being a designer (in the process of building a company) which is something not a lot of older people understand.

A couple weekends ago we worked together on the hands on painting booth for over 1000 4th graders from all the schools in the madison county area. Walk with the Arts is a day for all these kids to get their hands dirty with all kinds of material and watch real artists from the area demo their skills. It's really a cool little thing we have in berea and I hope they continue it so that June will get to experience it one day. There was weaving, clay, glass, metal forging, music, dance and all kinds of things that I barely got a glimpse of... we stayed busy getting the kids through our station. Throughout the day we had small groups from each school come into our booth to work on 4 large plywood murals that spelled out WALK WITH THE ARTS. Each child had to fill in a section. Each group had around 15 mins. This was my first year working it so I took the lead of my mentor and learned a lot about working in large groups. I hope I get to do this next year it was a lot of fun!

I will be dumping photos all week from the various events that filled my month of September. Which explains why I haven't been on here very much... so come back for more tomorrow please....

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