Project 1: Quick and Super easy Personalized Instagram Album

With everything nowadays (yes I can't believe I just said that) being digital it's hard to imagine what the future may hold for physical memories like albums and video tapes. It all seems to be floating in thin air and for some reason it really feels like at any moment those important memories could POOF! vanish to never be seen again. It's scary because I cherish the albums my mom made and kept of when me and my sisters were soooo little. It opens my eyes to a different side of my parents and makes me smile. So I think it's important I do that for Juniper. That's where the idea came from and today I want to show you how quick and simple it is to create a physical memory!

If you make one be sure to share through a blog post or instagram and tag me or let me know I would love to see!

WE R ALBUM leather instagram album (10.99 at hobby lobby) 40% off coupon from cell $6.59 
1 pack of 10 WE R sleeve protectors $2.00
Thickers: $5.00
Pictures printed at walmart... 31 pics for 2.79! see how to do that here

totals: $13.59

Time: not including printing pics at walmart: 25 mins

Just last week over a month after Junipers 1st birthday I took down what was left of her 1st Birthday adecorations. It was sad but at the same time a nice release. It's hard seeing how much she has changed in one year but it's so sweet. I am just ready to put those memories away. I had printed instagrams of the 1st year of Juniper a while back to hang all over the house for her birthday so everyone could see how she has changed and grown! You can see I stuck them on the locker in our living room for her birthday in the last picture.

I found a cool WE R instagram album at hobby lobby which is the first I have seen and used my 40% off coupon it had lots of page protectors in it already but I still bought an extra pack of 10. Each page with technically hold 2 pictures (front/back) 

When I go home I simply took some of those cool thickers which are basically thick stickers made from what seems to be a rubbery material and spelled out Juniper Year 1. THen I filled the pages and walaaaaa....

Life gets busy and it can cost a lot to scrapbook! Don't let that get in the way of you keeping memories for years to come!

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