PROCESS: working in the wild

 Hey friends I have been trying hard to get back into blogging regularly and using my dslr rather than my beloved ipad companion. I actually missed lugging that big thing around with me even with a baby and a dog in tow.

 I thought I would share with you a series about what my little job entails. You know the job that I made up for myself. Believe me there is a lot of work that goes into my little made up job... it's not a hobby even though it was before. So here's is a look at a tiny bit of my process.... if you interested in seeing more let me know below. It's been quiet around here for too long and I miss hearing from you all.

Today was all about venturing to my secret spot that is covered in wild glorious things. It's like shopping except what I get is free and there are a few big spiders to keep me company (yikes). So maybe it's nothing like shopping but I do carry a list of several things I need to collect kind of like a scavenger hunt. I also like to keep my eyes open for anything interesting, getting close to the ground moving things and observing. Probably the most valuable thing I get from this is the inspiration. I usually come out with a list of ideas that I can draw from later.

With summer coming to an end I am trying to press and gather as many things as possible before it is too late. So what do you think do you want to see more posts like this?

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