Quiet Mouse

It is indeed strange that more and more I find myself not sharing so much via social media. I have sat here and wondered exactly why but I am unsure that there is a clear answer to that. It may just be a moment for me but also I think it's me just waiting for the next big moment of my life and knowing it's just around the corner. I am literally enjoying the moment lately and not trying to capture it, sometimes it seems that those lines can really start to blur... are you really enjoying a moment or are you just to busy trying to record it. It's something I think about lately... and I always find myself stuck in the middle wanting to share but then wanting to enjoy the moment. It is hard. I love to look back but then looking back can make you miss the past and in essence miss the present.

So I am going to enjoy this quiet moment of not being so on top of everything and working at my own pace, of not sharing or capturing every moment but rather enjoying it. Laying down and smelling the grass. Take my pup and baby for a walk to the park without my cell phone. Just relaxing. Just enjoying. Just smiling and just absorbing. It's a new hobby of mine right now and I think it's something we should all think about. 

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