It's been over a year that I started on the smoothie trend and lately I have noticed that it isn't so "in" anymore. Now people are into juicing but that hasn't caught my attention. Mainly because time is of the essence anymore and juicing seems that it can be costly, time intensive and not my cup a tea but who knows you may see me down the line start juicing. For the moment I still love my smoothies, they are quick and I can use a variety of healthy items. They give me an energy boost, are filling and taste really good.

Green smoothies can be intimidating because they seem to look gross but once you try it I promise the green appearance with become more appealing. I hate veggies too so just thinking about them added as a drink use to make me sick. Now I realized that mixing them with fruits and other food groups changes the taste dramatically. Now green smoothies are my favorite because I know I am getting good things from them and not just overloading on natural sugar from fruits which can be pointless if your using a smoothie to control your diet or benefit from.

So this is my simple go-to green smoothie. Vanilla yogurt is my sweet, I scoop around 1/3 of a cup... maybe more or less. 2 handfuls of spinach is my veggie boost without the bitter taste of veggies. 1 banana for a lot of reasons and about 1/2 to 1 cup of coconut water which is a big energy booster!

This smoothie is great because it only uses 4 ingredients that don't have to be prepped in any way and blends together in seconds!

blend it and slurp!

PS be sure to rinse out the blender or cup when finished if you don't plan on washing right away because the spinach likes to stick and is hard to wash off later. So check your teeth too if you plan on going out somewhere important.

Also I feed a little bit of this mixture to my 9 month old ,she likes it but it isn't recommended that you give a baby under a year coconut water in large doses. Just every once in a while is good.

Do you have a go to smoothie? I would love to hear the recipe. 

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  1. Here is Smoothie that I am think about trying thought you may like it http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13720/the-best-mint-chocolate-chip-smoothie-youll-ever-have.html


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