50 reasons I love my Mother

Happy Birthday to my wonderful momma today! Here are only 50 of the many reasons I love my mother in no particular order.

1. she gave me 3 wonderful sisters
2. she taught me about god
3. she encouraged me to create
4. she packed me lunches
5. she took me to many dance lessons
6. she attempted to teach me how to play piano
7. she is always happy
8. she is encouraging
9. she can keep a secret
10. she never pushes advice
11. she always seems to know what to say
12. there is no limit to what she can handle
13. she took me trick or treating
14. she kept santa a secret
15. she took me for walks when I was little
16. she is still my walking partner to this day
17. she has never denied me of help
18. she believes in me
19. she came from a wonderful mother as well
20. she's shown me how to be a mother
21. she keeps her head up
22. she is beautiful
23. she is a wonderful gammy
24. she has a heart of gold
25. she took me to church
26. she was a teacher
27. she admits her flaws
28. she has a green thumb
29. she loves to take on a new project
30. she stills treats me like I am little sometimes
31. she's up for just about anything
32. she believes that birthdays are special
33. she thinks vacations are essential
34. shes got silly taste buds
35. she listens
36. she looks for the positive
37. she has to print everything ;)
38. she has a bit of a bad side ;)
39. she surprises me
40. she makes me laugh
41. she gives me a break
42. she made me who I am
43. she gave me curly hair
44. she wants what is best
45. she gives of herself
46. she never gives up
47. she loves the beach
48. she chose to have me on leap year
49. she waited for me to arrive
50 shes beautiful inside and out...

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  1. OMG! I love it! I greatest gift I ever had is my beautiful daughter's n granddaughter! Raising my daughters was the BEST part of my life! My daughters r my life! Thank you, Courtney!


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