DIY Scarf Hanger

If you have 5 scarves or 20 scarves, you can make this scarf hanger work for you. 
All you need is some dresser drawer handles, wood, screws, and something to cut the wood!
I don't have any pictures while I was making it but it's so easy I can just explain it to you!
So my wood came from some old fence wood from my boyfriends farm, you can always buy or get some recycled cheap wood from any store. You can always try your local Habitat For Humanity ReStore! 

I made each of my boards 2 feet long and the width is around 3 inches. To keep them all together I cut 2 more boards skinnier in length but I made them a little less than 9 inches. So they could go across all three boards and hold them together. Put a screw in each board on each side to make sure its pretty strong. Also at this point you want to add your hanger. I used a really strong wire, but you can always buy the saw tooth hangers, just make sure you get something that's strong enough. 
You want to drill holes before you try to put in your drawer handles. Its about impossible or at least it was for me to put those in without holes. 
This is my finished piece, I staggered my boards for more room and different ways to hang my scarves. I also painted mine, you can paint it any color!

Here's my finished product ! It only took around 30 minutes to complete, I hope you try out this quick and easy DIY. :D

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