Haunted Houses: Exploring abandoned homes of Kentucky

It's funny how you forget about the things you love to do. One of those for me was exploring abandoned homes and taking pictures of them even if no one else cares. I think that's why I love this blog because it's still quiet and kinda private around here. People are too busy living there lives to take the time to see what I am up to or maybe they aren't? I am sure with the cool weather coming in we  all going to be bundling up next to a glass of wine and our tablets reading the latest blogs. At least that's a favorite thing I love to do when it gets cold. Who knows?

I know that I forgot about the aliveness I feel when I search for a abandoned home, the thrill of figuring out how to get to it without someone noticing and then the excitement of carefully navigating the old floor boards to search for the most inspiring decay of human existence. It's the combination of creepy satisfaction and discovering a lost treasure that I love about it. It's beautiful!

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