10 Ways to beat the Winter Blues

Hello lovelies today I want to share with you some ways to shed those winter blues that everyone seems to be experiencing right now. I know I am... Tonight I took a couple hours to do the 1st one which is what inspired this post because after I did it I felt a sense of happiness come over me. I am hoping to do a few more before the week is over and I will let you know how they go.

1. Send a care package or two to a loved one, distant family member, friend or a stranger.
Not only will this make you feel good about yourself but you will make someone else feel great too!

2. Print some photos you love and create a scrapbook or project that you can display and share proudly. Looking back and remembering the good times helps you to see what's really important.

3. Find a place to walk, stretch and observe nature.
Fresh air even if it's cold will break your winter blues and make you feel alive.

4. Collect healthy ingredients to make a meal from scratch.
Focusing on 1 thing and knowing it is good for you will change how you feel from the inside out.

5. Go to a friends or family members house for the day.
Socializing and pushing yourself out of your shell can motivate you to change your thoughts into happyones!

6. Take a drive in a direction you have never been.
Concentration and the thrill of getting lost will help you feel alive while enjoying some fresh air and new sights.

7. Build a fort in your living room, pop some popcorn and have a movie night.
Just Relax and enjoy this moment of being able to snuggle with the ones you love, make it fun!

8. Get out and explore a thrift/ secondhand store.
Seeing things of the past can bring back memories of the past that made you happy. It can inspire you to think in new ways.

9. Go plant shopping or just buy yourself some flowers. Plants put off positive energy and the color green will change your mood instantly. Just the smell of fresh flowers will lift your spirits.

10. Journal your feelings and thoughts. Writing it all out will allow you to release negative thoughts and inspire positive ones.

I hope you enjoyed this post... if you did leave me a comment below!

love and light

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  1. Winter doesn't get me down as much as it just makes me sleepy. I drink a lot more coffee in the winter. lol I like your list though. I tend to write more letters and more in journals when it's cold out.


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