THANK YOU and business stress

I have been crunching numbers all night and preparing for my first official encounter with taxes as a business and I am telling you it is has been so scary. After going through all the receipts I have crunched up in draws that are half faded, collecting scattered material receipts via various email accounts, and calculating my profits via paypal and etsy I feel a bit of relief. I am still scared because I have no clue how all this will crunch when it comes to taxes but I feel a lot better after finally seeing what the numbers actually come to when I minus expenses. You see I am actually really good at math and I have no issues when it comes to calculating things but this tax thing is something I am trying to wrap my head around. I am slowly getting there but tomorrow I will know a lot more when I meet with my new cpa. Basically I know I am making money because I can easily calculate the cost of a project and price accordingly but it worried me that when I finally sat down and actually crunched the numbers I might find a different story.

When you become an entrepreneur and your broke and your doing it alone you encounter a ton of weight in the beginning. It's exciting when you make that first sale and you think oh that was easy but when you start relying on this for your living that measly 20 dollars you thought was profit has to be poured back into more material. You spend crazy amounts of hours working toward this dream without knowing if you will get reimbursed for that time and so much of that time will not be profitable money wise. You have to constantly take risks and you have to deprive yourself from living a life of excess because every penny has to go back in for growth. I alone take care of product design, photography, advertising, social media, production, inventory, accounting, shipping and a ton of other jobs that should have a team to complete them. I want to grow and I know that to do this I have to share the work load but I also want to be sure that the team I create for Run 2 the Wild is as dedicated as me. The reason I am saying this is for you all to understand that this is everything to me. This is my dream. I have no other things going on in my head besides this and my family. I love it no matter how hard I have to work and I love to watch it grow.

So now here is the reason for writing this post and that is to tell every single one of you who have purchased from Run 2 the Wild... THANK YOU.... from the very bottom of my heart. I sit here and think it wouln't be possible with out you all. It makes me want to cry. Your support and your decision to buy from my little business means that I can keep at this dream. It means that I can take that money and use it to keep growing my business and to make it into something great. I only wish I had a way to send each of you something special (this will happen one day). It takes a lot to go out of your way and spend your hard earned cash for small business because you ultimately don't know what your getting into. So THANK YOU for remembering my business and sharing it with your friends. I love you guys sooo much and I want you to know that you are special and you make my world go round.


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