Manic Monday: Artyfact

Last weeks camp kept me busy and wore me out but I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy working with camps in the summer because it's always laid back and fun. Camp turned out really well, so much this week I was invited back to teach another class.

The kids are what I enjoy the most with Camp Artyfact. Their cute faces, little hands and big imaginations make me super happy. I had kids from age 4- 13 of all different cultures and backgrounds. I even had one child who didn't speak any English.

I have a lot of pictures but these are the pictures I decided to show you. Even though I have permission to post pictures of their faces I tried to put up ones that didn't reveal their full face just because I feel that kids need to be protected.

All the kids were super sweet and smart. I did a class called dream big for the younger group. We built amusement parks from paper, learning how to make 2D shapes into 3D forms. We built cars of the future from clay. We experimented with building skyscrapers using straws, marshmallows and toothpicks. We also drew large blueprints of our future dream homes. 

This was a fun scribble warm up game that the kids really enjoyed. 

The older group was a Painting and Drawing class. We experimented with charcoal, made sketchbooks and portfolios, drew self portraits, painted on canvas with acrylics, and did a pen and ink picture with watercolor. I packed this class pretty full of stuff so we barely finished our last masterpiece but it all went well.

So that was my week in a nutshell along with my older sister turning 27 and my dog chewing up everything including my papal debit card and wallet. I will be excited for my Faces and Family class this week and then I will be ready for a photo shoot with a good friend this weekend. Then I get a break for the week of the fourth. Can you believe it will already be the fourth of July? Crazy! After that I will have 3 more weeks of camp and that should be it for my summer. 

My computer is just barely kicking and shuts off when it wants to sooooo... I am hoping that I will get a check from my 1st week of camp to get a new computer and fingers crossed my car will be fixed. Then I can refocus on my blog. 

How is your week going? Any plans for the 4th? 


  1. it's obvious you care about the kids by all the preparation and thoughtful care you put into your classes. as a mom i would've loved to have my kids in one of your classes. you go girl!


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