My Day in a Nutshell

Phew it seems like the days and nights are just blurring into one lately. With it being dark at 5 and still no snow in sight here in Kentucky I just seem to get less and less excited for christmas to get here. However the sales in the shop have kept me busy and I have been getting a couple sweet packages in the mail that keep my spirits high. So I wanted to show you my day in a nutshell.... I will explain along the way.

A couple days ago I ordered a calendar from MessyBedStudio on etsy. She is a blogging bud of mine and a awesome artist as well. She came up with the hand drawn fortune cookie wisdom calendar and I just couldn't help but get it. After all I am obsessed with fortune cookies!

The calendar was packed and printed with perfection. I couldn't have asked for better quality. Each page is a fortune that will uplift and keep you striving for goodness in your life. I really love it! I can't wait to hang it up for the new year and show you all! The first picture is my favorite part of the calendar but to see the rest you will just have to buy it yourself!

Then I received a lovely gift from my cousin who lives in Illinois. Her name is Taylor and she runs a shop on etsy too called Suite Potaytoes. She specializes in painted sugar skull masks... and made me this special one just for my shop! I really love handmade gifts more than anything else!

Now I just have to find a special place to hang it!!

I also got another postcard from the post art exchange today here is a sneak peak! For all of you who are participating don't forget to link your posts on the page and keep your eyes peeled for another special snail mail surprise!

Last but not least I spent nearly all of the sunshine part of the day packing all of this. Goodness!! I still have to pack the other half of all these orders tonight and tomorrow. I was a little embarrassed walking into the post office but I am glad I had Justin to help! Once again I am so thankful!

How has your day been!! P.S support some of these lovely shops this season! Maybe tomorrow I will show you my wannabe Christmas list!


  1. you know, i haven't been following my favorite blogs too well because it's such a busy time of year but something told me to check in here today. and what a surprise i got. i'm so, so glad you like the calendar! thank you so much for all your kind words! you made my night! what a sweetheart you are.

    1. You deserve some goodness! I love my calendar!! It's perfect! ;) its weird how you get that feeling sometimes!

  2. oh yeah and a big high five for that huge stack of packages to be mailed. it's a beautiful sight! and that sugar skull mask is awesome!

  3. That is A LOT of orders! That's a good thing though of course. I am really with you on wanting some snow here in Berea. I want to go on a snowy Pinnacles hike!!

    1. I know... first time it snows I will meet you at the top!!! ;)


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