5 Easy Motivation Boosters

I have been super on the ball lately. Getting things done even things that I didn't know if I could do. I haven't been like this in months. I even felt like summer was just waving bye out a taxi cab window while I peered at the blinding sun unable to move. I am noticing that sometimes life will just sweep you under a rug if you don't get up and get moving. The problem is motivation. I need it... I crave it like a cup of coffee at the crack of dawn. Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation because what's the point... your tired, you don't feel good and you would rather lay around in hopes that it would help get you through the day.

Well I am here to tell you there are ways to feel happy, feel good and get things done that don't take but a teensy bit of effort. These teensy things will create a sense of purpose and open your mind to the wheels of motivation. The driving force that allows you to live life to its fullest.

Here are 5 easy motivation boosters that I have personally tried and tested and found work in my own life as well as seen them work in others.... Take a moment to try one today, make it a routine and see how it changes your whole life!

1. TAKE A HIKE.... hey guess what?! You don't have to physically go on a hike... I did say these were easy right? Just take a long walk.... pack some snacks and bring your best friend or an animal. Don't let anything keep you from walking right out your door and exploring what is around you even if it doesn't seem interesting... you will be surprised.

2. SIGN UP... make yourself accountable for something... whether it's a workout/dance/art class, a charity fundraiser, or volunteer. Some other passion that has nothing to do with work. Check out the library bulletin board, or a local coffee shop for flyers of things to do.

3. MEDITATE... I find yoga to be a easy way to trick your body into meditation because you have to think about the moves and focus on the balance aspects which keeps your mind clutter free. You can also meditate by changing the atmosphere of your room with music, lighting ,and a aroma. I love incense because I can focus on the strong smell and clear my head of thoughts.

4. TALK IT OUT... find someone you can talk to... who will genuinely listen and also be a sounding board for them as well. In our busy lives we often think that we are social enough when because of social media but what social media lacks is physical one on one attention. Our bodies need this to feel release to feel that we are important.

5. WRITE IT DOWN... allow yourself to scribble life out anything that stresses you out, that you can't stop thinking about, things that are getting one your nerve. Journal your life and see what you write down. It may surprise you!!

These things have allowed me to focus and to create motivation to achieve things that make life happier. Let me know any easy motivation boosters you would add to the list!


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