Fabulous Fridays: Most Wanted Photographs

So this friday I wanted to show you some of my favorite photographs that you can purchase on etsy. It seems like anyone can take a picture but as you will see from the photographs below it takes a certain eye to capture a moment. These photos take me to a place somewhere from my past or tell me a story. They have a purpose that pleases the soul and are to not just decorate a wall. So here you go.... some of most wanted photos on etsy!

First up is from a shop called Aelalabbe

Dreams - 7.3 x 10.5 photo print

This photo is pretty amazing.... The superimposed image creates its dream like quality. All of the images from this shop are mysterious and evoke emotions that could not explain themselves in words.

The Next Photograph is from an etsy shop by the name of Carl Christensen...

Last Year's Lace - Fine Art Nature Photography 

This shops photos have a natural/ vintage quality that capture the beauty around us. Very clean and bright but rustic in a unusual way. 

Next photograph is brought to us by a etsy shop by the name of ellemoss

This photograph is just plan creative... I could hardly choose from all of her photographs. Each photo is interesting and leaves you wanting to know the story behind each picture. Beautiful work!

The Next photo is by a etsy shop called Stoopid gerl

Pirate Ship - Fine-Art Carnival Print - 8x8

Definitely more fun, silly yet artistic photographer. Whose photos keep you coming back for more. You want to step into the picture.

The Next picture is from a etsy shop called Elgar Boart
This photographer is a lot of fun packed into one enthusiastic punch. Photography for fun people who want inspiration in their lives.

So many interesting unique photographers on etsy... this definitely does not come close to even skimming the surface of all the great photography for sale on etsy!

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