Manic Monday

So this week I have be pretty excited about all the new supplies I got! I have three new friends that I am keeping for my own cabinet of curiosities… the biggest one is a buffalo skull that I fell in love with when I found it at the Peddlers mall for only $50! My mom was like you paid 50 for that… only a true fan of bones and weird stuff would know its’ true value which to me is priceless! 

The other two little friends I got in the mail are a kit fox skull and lynx skull both which have been cleaned and come from a tannery! Still deciding on the names I will be giving them… I think ole buffalo will be bill and the other two ci ci and chi chi lol! Ok let’s just say I really need a puppy or kitten in my life… I’m desperate! 

Besides skulls and bones my older sister and I got into some henna action and for the first time I did and received my own henna design which is pretty darn dark and is not coming off any time soon! She ordered a really cool kit for the festivals and well let’s just say we bonded… it was lots of fun!

 As an artist and I mean Artist… not craftsperson I find myself going back to geometric and free form designs. You can see this from the custom keds pictured above and the henna. It’s very fun for me to just doodle and for me less is not more… more is well great! 

Last but not least I ordered some very expensive but beautiful drusy rainbow titanium crystals to make some extra special jewelry out of. I will be using only sterling silver chains and attachments with this new cosmic inspired jewelry I plan to introduce at the end of this month to the beginning of next month! 

So compared to last week I am feeling up! Lol it’s like that one week out of the month when you feel great and can do anything… it is that week. So just wait for next week when half my hair is laying in the floor and my nails are nibbled till they bleed. Lol it is after all just another manic Monday right? PS my obsession with dream catchers continues… just something magical and beautiful that keeps me addicted!

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