Lets go anywhere! Please?!?

Whether it is to the top of a mountain...
Or just out to some random field...
or how about just a long drive... 

I will pack my bags cause I am ready to leave
To go far away... lets go anywhere from here!

Check out this "Lets go anywhere" Treasury by clicking this link!

It is officially Valentines day! So far my boyfriend and I have not a single thing planned... we have been together over 5 years and well its just slipped our minds! But here it is and boy does time fly... with the harsh cold that developed this past week I have been stuck inside the apartment wanting to run free! I know spring is right around the corner and I need an escape! Whether is just a good old drive to a unknown town that has nothing to see or a pretend escape downstairs in a sheet draped tent with a small fire on our back porch... it has to happen! That is all I want for Valentines day!

I hope that everyone enjoys their day no matter the situation make it your day! Happy Valentines Day!

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