My Weird Sweet Little Valentine

Valentines day is over and deep inside a part of me is happy! It's not that I don't have a significant other that makes the day soooo exciting. It's only that the holiday can be stressful when it comes to getting that perfect gift and then to get on facebook, twitter or any other social network to find that someone has outdone you. Just saying Valentines day isn't perfect for everyone not even us who have someone in our lives to share it with. However I do believe it is all in how you look at the day. You could compare it with someone else or you can stay off the internet and enjoy it for yourself.

Ok just a little rant but I will say that I enjoyed sitting at home watching a redbox movie, eating some take out with my lover this Valentines Day! 

So for Weird Wednesday's I want to post some pictures of Interesting Valentine Gifts that I would have loved to seen posted on facebook rather than just all those flowers, cards, candy and stuffed bears! 

First up is...

I Only Have Eyes For You - Needle Felted Valentine Weirdness from the shop... SheWhoStamps

Next up... 

Kinky Plush Monster - Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Designer Stuffed 

Toy. Weird PVC / Rubber suit doll - Trent by Papercut Monsters

Next we have..

TAXIDERMY COUTURE Valentines day Black Heart Wolf Tooth eye patch by Marya Zoya

and this awesomeness...

HeartFelt (a anatomically correct heart in fiber!) by OnceAgainSam

and then these lovelies! 

BigFoot Magnet Set - Pink and Red by Pearson Maron

And finally... 

Set of two bookmarks. Bare feet in the book. man and woman .Unusual art bookmarks .Funny Valentine's day gift. by MyBookmark

And there you have it I hope this puts a smile back on your face if your Valentines Day was not all you had hoped it would be!

Little Red Feather

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