Fabulous Friday: Fiesta!

 Soooooo...... obviously this week didn't go according to the plan but I needed a break! At least I tried! I never really realize the excitement that a week can contain until it hits me and then well forget blogging about what you thought you were going to blog about. 

So here is my fabulous friday in pictures. I planned a fiesta party for my sister at my apartment and it went really well!

 Ok so I do this really weird thing where I turn my head sideways for pictures... my sisters laugh about it but I can't help it lol it just feels right for some reason!

I managed to take good pictures with such beautiful light!

 Miss thinks shes high distinction!... but she really is! So proud!

 I got these awesome fake mustaches! They were such a funny find!

 Oh and a baby sombrero just for the grad!

 Sombrero cupcakes and opps my mustache grew a cup... 
 My mommy!

uh ohhh lolers!
 Oh... and my wannabe outfit post lol!
and she thinks she is cool! lol

Have a wonderful memorial weekend! 

Congrats to any and all grads!

Welcome Summer! School is out!

PS excited to have a guest post soon! :D

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