Memorial Weekend: Family Time

Memorial weekend seems to really kick off the summer and it just reminds me to start planning summer activities. I spent some much needed time with Justin's side of the family and honestly I really enjoyed just kicking back with them and forgetting about my internet business for a while.

Sometimes I tend to get sick of taking pictures because if your trying to take good pictures you end up thinking about it and not enjoying what your eyes capture in person. This weekend I took pictures of what I wanted to take pictures of... not necessarily what I felt  I needed to take a picture of. (that might not have made any sense but oh well)

I also played around using manual on my camera. I usually just use auto but I came across a really good website with photography tips that suggest exploring manual and playing with the histogram to learn. You can  check it out here... improve photography

 Justin's Mom has a Sequoia tree in her yard which is pretty awesome since she lives on a cliff in kentucky. Sequoia trees are from california and get big enough that you could 
drive a car through them. They live to be over 1000 years old which basically is awesome. These baby pine cones are off of her tree which is the size of an average tree right now. It will be interesting to see how big it gets!

 Cut Sequoia tree
sequoia tree

These pictures I found via pinterest! You can find more cool pictures here... http://pinterest.com/search/?q=sequoia+tree

We enjoyed some corn hole which is always fun... see my concentration in the picture above lol.

and puppy enjoyed running around!

I also enjoyed taking pictures of my "future" nephews miniature junk yard!

I have a fascination with toys and making them tell a story through pictures. It's really a hobby that I don't know will ever turn into anything... I just enjoy it.

Check out that pile up. I had him set up a little scene and take some pictures too! 

As soon as I get my photoshop figured out I want to print out some large prints of these to hang in his room. 

Overall I really love Justin's family which is such a wonderful thing. I have been around them for 6 years now and I never feel uncomfortable or unwanted. They make me very happy! 

How was your memorial weekend? What did you do? Did you hang out with family?
Is there anyone that you thought of this weekend?


  1. it looks like you had an awesome time...mine was fabulous as well...went rock climbing with some friends and camped out...had a great time...your comment on my blog made my day when i got home and read it...thank you
    have an awesome day and dont forget to smile

  2. love the toy car pictures!!


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