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Forest Specimen Set Bottle Shelf Item with Terrarium
Ok... It is obvious that terrariums have become a big part of my life. You could pretty much say that moss has actually put food on my table and paid part of my rent. I think of it as gods gift and a little reminder that life is good no matter how bad it may seem at times.
The sweetest little terrarium you will ever see with live kentucky moss desk object
I remember being a little girl at my grandmas house admiring a large glass pig with a cork snout that inside held a miniature forest of ferns, moss, rocks and dew. It was magnificent and breathtaking. It was my first time experiencing a terrarium. My grandma lived in a small suburb in Illinois where buildings and streets were your playground. She had told me that when my uncle was little he had collected the specimens and put them in the glass pig before they tore down the last bit of real forest in that area. That area became another suburb.
The bright idea terrarium with live ecosystem desk object
Everyone wanted that glass pig... it was something special that stayed living for years. The idea that the place where my uncle collected the plants didn't exist anymore made it that much more rare. He had captured under glass a moment in time that can never be again. It's kind of sad really.
The Tiny Terrarium Necklace with live kentucky moss
I have always collected specimens... mostly things that are dry and preserved. I began collecting moss about a year ago and since then have learned sooo much about how it grows and what keeps it alive. So basically I thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way to help you take care of your terrarium or create one yourself.
Vintage Blue Mason Jar Terrarium

1. A terrarium needs 3 things to survive....
Charcoal, gravel, and moisture.

2. If collecting moss outside remember to soak or wash with plain water before putting it under glass... This helps prevent bugs from hatching and mold or spores from growing.

3. Mold is a natural occuring issue that is resolved one of several ways...

  1. moving the moss around (with a stick)... it may have become stagnate
  2. Too much moisture... ( refresh terrarium by letting it air out for 20 mins and adding fresh water)
  3. bad moss... Sometimes the moss is just not a good batch. Remove and replace.
4. Misting is the best most natural way to water your terrarium. 

5. If your terrarium is under glass... you only need to water once unless you notice it is too dry.

So there you have it... I know it's not the most thrilling post in the world but too me it is part of my life. My terrariums are one of the best sellers in my shop and my studios bathroom is basically a greenhouse for moss.  
LAST ONE Live Dino-terrarium unique strange green long neck
I hope you enjoyed... and let me know if you have any questions!


  1. loved hearing about the terrarium your uncle made. that's a great memory - thanks for sharing it!

  2. Bonjour !

    Just a short note from Paris to tell you that I have received the beautiful titanium ring that I had ordered.
    It's so beautiful, I love all your creations !

    Good luck,


  3. I love these so much! I've been eyeing your terrariums for some time now and think I might gift one to myself for my birthday next month. I'm so jealous that you get to go out and collect specimens like this. Being in Denver, and so high up in altitude, means we don't have the kind of moisture needed for moss and mushrooms. I especially love your light bulbs pieces, that's such a cute idea. Great post.

    1. I bet it's pretty hot I keep hearing on the radio about the bad forest fires in Colorado! Be safe! Thanks Meg :D

  4. I thought your post was thrilling. I am looking forward to making some with my son this weekend. Thank you! Heather Clinton


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