Instax: Shake it

So as you can tell I just got myself a new camera! We head to Florida in less than a week and I am suppose to be saving my money for that but I just couldn't resist it. I went to office depot to get a new charger (since I lost my old one) and saw this sitting on the shelf for $75 dollars and the film for 25. Justin was making me mad at the moment because we were arguing about whether the chargers they had would work for my camera battery. He made me so mad that I just picked it up and went to the checkout. Yeah... I am like that don't ask me why but I just get sick of someone telling me to save my money when he can too!
Anyway here are my first 10 shots... The first picture I took I didn't shake long enough so you can barely see the pup! I don't have an iphone so instagram is not an option for me at the moment... in my mind this was the next best thing!
These were the ones I didn't care for...
Not going to lie I like it a lot!  I think I will be inspired to do some more scrap booking using these!
ps the camera is huge but I know they sell a mini version because I first saw this on beautiful mess!

Hope your Tuesday is the best!



  1. Some cool first shots you have there. I know my first 10 shots were horrible but now I look back at them and they are some of my faves. I remember I was debating getting this camera or the mini. I ende dup getting the mini so it could fit in my bags.

    1. I didn't realize there was such a difference in size for the cameras... and actually thought about returning it and getting a mini but I like the size of the photo so I kept it. :) hoping to get a mini for christmas... (fingers crossed)

  2. That is one rad camera and some great first shots! It is kinda huge-ish but I really like the round chubby-ness of it, it makes it look all cute haha!


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